Thor: War of Tapnarok: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

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Thor: War of Tapnarok is a new full-featured clicker game for the iOS and Android platforms featuring a whole host of characters from the Norse myths, most of whom are likely familiar to the world through Marvel movies. Your goal is to power up Thor and recruit a number of allies, fight and defeat opponents through a nearly endless amount of stages, and rack up a huge number of gold coins and gems. Read on for some tips, cheats, strategies, hints, and tricks for Thor: War of Tapnarok!

Upgrading Thor will increase your tap power, but unlocking and upgrading allies is what will earn you that passive damage, and thus that passive income. Not only will they attack automatically while you’re playing, but they’ll auto-attack while you’re offline too. This way, when you come back, you’ll be able to collect a huge amount of money and then use that for even more upgrades.

For tough boss battles, make sure to upgrade your skills and save them for when you fight a major boss. These tend to be the boss characters at levels that are a multiple of 10 (level 50, 150, etc). The exceptions to this are The Great Hunt and other gold-earning skills, which increase either gold per tap or gold per creature killed, and thus are generally best used at any time, rather than solely against bosses.

When you defeat major bosses, you’ll earn blue gems, called runes, which can be used to purchase treasure. Treasure can give you permanent boosts, such as an all-damage boost, ally damage boosts, and boosts to specific skills. To earn more runes, beat major bosses, and at Thor Level 400, you can also unlock Time Travel, which sends you back in time (prestiges you), and allows you to keep any boosts that you’ve earned from treasure.

You can play without an internet connection, but it’s best to play while you are connected to either cellular internet or wifi. When you have a connection, take all of the video offers that you can. The best ones are the offline income doublers, which can turn a huge amount of money into double the huge amount of money. You can tap the bird with the golden scroll to earn random video rewards, such as free gems and tons of free gold.

If you don’t want the next skill in line for an ally, but you want to keep upgrading the ally for the damage that they do, hold down on the upgrade button until 10x/100x pop up and tap one or the other. You’ll be able to upgrade past the level of the next skill if you don’t want it, and then the skill button will pop up for the next upgrade. Save for as long as you can before mass-upgrading if you don’t want the skill, because when skill pops up on the upgrade button, you’ll have to upgrade the skill first.

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