Throne Wars: Attack Guide – How to destroy other players’ settlements

Throne Wars is a dog-eat-dog game. If you don’t dominate other players, you’re going to eventually end up being dominated yourself. When you begin the game, you’ll be a little fish in a big pond, but the stronger you become, the faster you end up turning into the big fish. Strategy is required as well. Read on to find out how to totally dominate other players in Throne Wars!

Just like defense, attacking is a numbers game. Those numbers, to be more specific, are the number of troops you have, so make sure to unlock and build all of the troop buildings. Barracks, of course, allow you to train infantry, while archers are trained at the archery range, cavalry at the stable, and catapults are trained at the siege workshop. Train carts at the market (they are useful for carrying resources that are stolen from other players).

Upgrade your farm to increase the size of your potential army. Your food has to feed your troops, so once you upgrade your farm, you’ll be able to train an even bigger army.

Each troop training ground has various types of research that you can do. One type of research will increase that specific troop type’s attack, while the other will increase that type’s defense. This will apply to every single troop of that type, whether you trained them before or after the research.

Spying is important as well because it will allow you to look at what an enemy has going on defensewise, especially when it comes to the city wall and militia, which can be a game changer. Your hero will be the one who does the spying. Preferably, you should have a hero who gives you a bonus for spying, but even without a bonus, a higher-level hero will do better at spying.

Choose the size of your army depending on what you find when you spy on the other player, and change the distribution of your army, too. For example, to combat higher-level city walls, send more catapults. Send at least 1.5 times the number of troops that the enemy has, in order to account for boosts due to research, city wall defense, and militia.

And finally, winning is nothing if you don’t get to raid a large quantity of resources from a city. Send carts with your army in order to take resources at will.