Throne Wars: How to get more Gems, Silver, Food and Tech Levels

Throne Wars is a fairly new iOS game that adds a bit of 3D to the usual MMO strategy style of gameplay. There are many kinds of resources and currency in the game. Gems are the most premium of all of the currencies in the game. Silver is the second most premium currency, and acts almost like a resource. Food is what it takes to feed all of your troops, while your Tech Level corresponds with how much research you are able to do. Read on for tips and tricks on how to get all four of these!

There is only one way to get more food, and that is by upgrading your farm. Food is not produced in the same way that wood, stone and iron are. Instead, there is a set amount of food, and a “over-under” number. If your troops are not well fed enough, then the food number will be negative or 0. If the food number is positive (has a plus sign next to it), you have enough food. Upgrade your farm to get back in the positives.

To increase the “tech level” of any building with available research, do one of two things. Level up the building, or do more research in the building. The tech level is the level of the building (castle, city guard, city wall, barracks, etc). multiplied by the number of researches that have been completed. For example, a level 5 castle that has had two researches completed will have a tech level of 10. When a third research is finished, that tech level will rise to 15.

There are a couple of ways to get silver. Silver can be earned as a reward for completing quests, or (more frequently) as a reward for leveling up. Otherwise, a good way to earn silver is to kidnap another player’s hero, and then hold the hero in the City Guard cells for ransom. The other player will have to pay you silver in order for you to free the hero, so kidnap an active player’s hero.

You can get free gems the same way that you get more silver – by gaining experience levels. Every so often (but not very frequently) a quest will appear that will earn you gems as a reward, but bonus gems are far more common from level ups.

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