Throne Wars Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Throne Wars is a new MMO strategy game by Flare Games for iOS and Android. It contains gameplay that fans of Warcraft, Kingdoms of Camelot and other similar games will enjoy, but with the bonus of some added 3D graphics. Your goal is to build your kingdom up until you’re powerful enough to train a strong army, then go out into the world and dominate other players’ kingdoms. Read on for some tips and tricks for Throne Wars!

Often you’ll come across the problem that something’s “tech level” isn’t high enough, especially when trying to complete research. The tech level is the level of the building multiplied by the number of researches that have already been completed at that building. For example, if your castle is level 6 and you have done 8 different forms of research there, its level will be 48.

Can’t find an alliance to join? Go to the app store and look for reviews where someone has posted their alliance information. Or simply search random letter or number strings that begin a lot of words, and you’re bound to find one. Or go look around the world map and look at people’s alliance names.

Even though the game just came out worldwide, it’s been out in Canada for awhile. Look around for some abandoned cities that players (especially Canadian players) have left behind and attack them. They always provide wood, stone and ore (your main resources) because their resource buildings will always regenerate, but they have no armies to defend them – just the militia.

Otherwise, upgrade your spying enough that you’re able to tell how many troops another player has, and then play the numbers game – upgrade your troops with boosts as much as possible, and then send your troops over to annihilate the other player’s kingdom. Make sure to send extras because you’re going to have to contend with the peasant militia as well.

At a certain point in time, the quests will stop making much sense other than to give you rewards, and the rewards won’t be worth much compared to what it costs to fulfill the quests. At that point, you should focus solely on increasing your resources, increasing your troops, unlocking new troops, and powering up your hero. Get the archery range, the stable and the siege workshop to round out your variety of troops.

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