Throne Wars Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2: More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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There’s no bigger aggravation in Throne Wars then when you get invaded and end up losing most or all of your troops. Luckily, your militia will act as your defense while you don’t have any troops, and they will never die. Upgrade your castle as high as possible because every upgrade increases the number of militia troops that you have. Do research inside the City Guard to strengthen your militia, as well.

If that still doesn’t increase your defense enough, upgrade the City Wall as high as you can in order to maximize added defense. Research that can be done inside of the City Wall does the same thing, so between research and level ups, your defense will eventually increase high enough to protect you from other players.

If you still want better protection for your army while you build them up, find some weak city, ideally an abandoned one, that’s extremely far away from your territory. Send your current army over there, and then spend all of your resources on training new troops. Try to time them so that they will finish right around the time that your army gets back.

There are only five types of troops (Archers, Cavalry, Infantry, Catapult and Carts). Carts are for carrying resources, while the other four troops are for fighting. With so few troops, winning battles against others is entirely a numbers game. So to win, get as many resources as possible, as quickly as possible, and use them to train as many troops as possible.

Want to catch an enemy hero? Research ambush to increase the chances of kidnapping a hero. If you can successfully kidnap a hero from another player, you can hold them random, enticing other players to pay you in order to get their hero back.

Gain experience levels in order to get free hero slots. Even before you get the hero slots, though, keep checking the heroes tab to look for 2 to 5 star heroes. Save your silver for them, because if you find them, don’t be afraid to replace your main hero with the better one.

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