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Tidal Rider – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Tidal Rider is a new endless surfer by the company that did the addictive rubber duck bomber Ducky Fuzz. Your goal in this game is to surf the wave for as long as possible, collecting coins and avoiding seagulls and other assorted obstacles. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tidal Rider!

Holding your finger down on the screen will cause your character to move forward on the wave, while releasing your finger will cause your character to back off. Change your height on the wave as needed in order to avoid the seagulls and to go for as long as possible. Collect the P coins whenever you see them, but don’t die trying to collect them.

At random times after a level, you will have an offer that ops up offering you 20 coins if you watch a video. The offer pops up at random times, so to get it to pop up more often, play and die immediately, rather than trying to get a high score.

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When you earn 200 coins, you will be able to unlock a new character. Once you unlock it and play as it, you’ll see the change in character appearance, but the gameplay will always be the same no matter what character you pick. Scroll downward on the character select screen to see more characters, and expect more of them to be added as the developers add future updates to the game.

For some bizarre reason, there are no in-app purchases in the game that allow you to buy more coins. The only in-app purchase that exists at the moment is one that allows you to buy an ad-free gaming experience, but none of the IAPs offer any coins. The only ways to earn more coins are the videos and the coins that appear when you play.

Hit the bar graph icon on the main menu screen to see what the global high scores in the game are, either on Google Play or on the App Store depending on what platform you are playing the game on. There appears to be no hacked scores in the top score liste either, making it feasible to eventually get on top of the charts, or all east somewhere near the top.