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Timber Tennis – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Timber Tennis is a new endless tennis game released by the makers of Timberman to celebrate the third anniversary of that surprise smash-hit game. This game features Timberman and friends, all from the original game, in a tennis competition, and your goal is to beat as many people as you can. You can unlock new characters and even level up characters that you have already unlocked. Read on for some tips and tricks for Timber Tennis!

Your main way to unlock new characters in the game is to beat characters and earn trophies. The farther into the game that you get in a single round, the more characters you will unlock. Once you earn them, you will be able to use them later on. You can also purchase characters using coins.

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Coins have a more important purpose, though, and that is to rank yup a character that you have already unlocked. If you rank up a character, then it takes less hits for you to get to the super shot against each adversary. For your most efficient use of coins and your best chance at making it farther into each round, your best bet is to upgrade one single character as high as you can and then use him or her to get as far as you can.

You don’t have to start from the beginning every time, as long as you have either coins or an internet connection. You can either watch a video or pay a small amount of coins to start from the last trophy that you earned, rather than from the very first level. A video is always preferable, generally, rather than having to spend coins.

When you get to the super shot, it matters where you aim it. If you launch it right back at your opponent, then they will hit it back and you will have to trade shots a few more times before you get the chance to land another one. If you launch it away from them, then they won’t be able to get to it, and you will win the round.

You can earn coins in two different ways. Collect coins as they come up on the tennis courts, or beat opponents and you will earn bonus coins. Often the coins pop up on the courts right before your super shot, so when they do, tap over immediately after you launch the super shot in order to move over to where the coin is and collect them.