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Time Clickers – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Time Clickers is a new clicker game with a really unique premise. You’re the head of a team of shooters firing at blocks in a semi-virtual reality setting, and with your gold you can build up a team of five clickers, equipping them with increasingly powerful weapons and making it through wave after wave of bosses and challenges. Read on for some tips and tricks for how to win at Time Clickers!

No matter how powerful your team members become, make sure to constantly continue upgrading your own Click Pistol. Boss characters often become a little more difficult to beat as their HP starts to drop because it will become concentrated in just a few blocks, which severely nerfs your team’s splash attacks. You’ll need to keep the click pistol highly upgraded, as well as your Pulse Pistol team member, in order to get around this.

The Time Cubes don’t appear until wave 100. Once you hit that wave they will start to appear infrequently, and each one that appears will give you an immediate boost in team DPS, to the tune of 10 percent. You can also spend Time Cubes on unlocking special abilities that do things such as give bonuses in DPS and firing speed to you and your team members, change the colors of some blocks, increase the length of the boss timer, or increase the number of gold and even Time Cubes that you find.

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Your team will constantly earn you gold while you are offline, no matter how long you are offline for. If you want to earn all of that offline gold right away, set the time ahead by however long you want on your phone. Don’t set it ahead too far because you will want to go back to the game and upgrade everyone, then start all over again with the time trick in order to maximize the insane quantity of gold you can earn.

When one of your team members turns orange, that means that the next level will unlock a brand new ability, such as 2X firing speed, which of course means 2x damage per second, or extra splash damage. Whenever you are having trouble with a boss, one of these new abilities can often be the help that pushes you over the edge to finally beat them.

Rainbow blocks and rainbow circles are the best things that you can shoot. The blocks will simply give you a ton of gold. The rainbow floating bubbles will either give you a ton of gold, or give you the option to watch an advertisement video for double the amount of gold. Always take the video option if you have an internet connection – the quicker that you can upgrade everything that way!