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Time Locker – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Time Locker is a new endless shooter for the iOS and Android platforms. Your movement actually controls the flow of time in this game, with your gunfire and the movement of your enemies moving at the same pace that you are moving at, whether slow or fast or completely stopped. You can collect new characters, load up on power-ups and face off against increasingly tougher and tougher enemies and bosses. Read on for some tips and tricks for Time Locker!

The entire world of the game moves at whatever pace you are moving at, except for one thing: the wall at the bottom of the level. It comes at you at a steady speed and it doesn’t let up until it swallows you up. Move quickly to keep the wall at bay. Move too slowly and the wall will move more quickly than you, putting you in danger of getting eaten by the wall.

Green enemies will give you coins whenever you see them, but blue enemies will give you a power-up whenever you kill them, so be sure to target them as soon as you see them. Each power up adds some extra firepower to your gun, so collect enough of them and you will be firing huge streams of bullets with massive amounts of range.

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Watch out for the bosses when they come up, because they take a massive amount of hits to kill. There is no actual hurry to beat them, though, just as long as you don’t get beaten by them. Shoot them a number of times, then get around and above them and when they come back around, shoot them again. Repeat this pattern until you defeat them.

Coins are useful for purchasing power-ups at the beginning of the game, as well as other goodies such as extra gun power-ups before the level begins. Before you begin a level, a free coin box will appear, so if you want to just load up on free coins, die immediately and watch the video for the free coins, and repeat over and over until you’re loaded with coins.

Too much side to side movement can put you at a high risk of getting hit by an enemy that’s racing down the pipe. Your best bet to clear out a huge row of enemies ahead of you is to move forward and backward in a shaky rapid motion os that you fire a huge amount of bullets in a small amount of time, and since they are straighter ahead, nothing will get you from above. You’ll have to watch out from the sides, but enemies come from the sides far less often than from the top.