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Tiny Bird Garden Gift Codes: Promo Code List and Guide

Tiny Bird Garden is a new game featuring all kinds of friendly birds that you can attract to your garden just by putting out bird seed and toys. You can earn Gold Feathers and Shiny Feathers as your two forms of currency, with Shiny Feathers obviously being more valuable. One of the ways to do this is by entering gift codes. Read on for some tips on what gift codes to enter in Tiny Bird Garden!

Dominic is the character that you want to see if you have codes to enter. Dominic is Josie’s brother, and he mans the shop where you can buy and sell items. Go to the shop and hit the Gift Codes button and you will be able to enter some.

The following are gift codes within the game, as well as what they give you.
TINYBIRDGARDEN: This gets you 10 Shiny Feathers
ILOVEBIRDS: This gets you 100 Gold Feathers
SMILE: This gets you 50 Gold Feathers
CODE: This gets you 50 Gold Feathers
HELP: This gets you 5 Shiny Feathers

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ZOEY: This gets you 100 Gold Feathers
JOSIE: This gets you 100 Gold Feathers
RETTA: This gets you 100 Gold Feathers
SEED: This gets you 5 Shiny Feathers
THANKFUL: No longer works… but possibility that it begins to work again around Thanksgiving.
HOLIDAYGIFT17: No longer works
HAPPYNEWYEAR: No longer works… BUT, this should start working again right after the next new year comes around.

Other future possible promo codes include HOLIDAYGIFT18 (and the equivalent for future years). When these worked, these gave you a rare item, rather than any sort of feathers.

There are a few promo codes in the game that do not do anything. These include FEATHERS, BUTTHEAD, PIZZA, SECRET, HAPPYNEWYEAR (during non-new year times), ILOVEYOU, and BIRD. Instead of prizes, three codes will get you unexpected and different commentary from Dominic.