Tiny Monsters: Get more coins, food and experience points

If you like zoo games, but you think you might also enjoy playing something that is a little bit more fantastical, look no further than Tiny Monsters for the iPhone. It is made by the same company as a number of popular zoo games, but instead of your usual apes and parrots, how does raising fire and earth monsters sound, or building fantastical habitats for them? If that sounds like your kind of thing, you might wanna download it. Or if you have already downloaded it, you should read on for some tips and tricks on how to get more coins, food and experience points.

Coins are the primary currency of Tiny Monsters and they are instrumental in anything you do, such as getting more monsters, more habitats and even clearing out space for new habitats. The fastest ways to earn more coins are to collect them from your monsters and to complete quests, but even within that you can still speed up the process.

For example, early on in the game, don’t waste your food and coins on buying a whole bunch of fire monsters and fire habitats and feeding your fire monsters until they grow up. Instead, buy an earth habitat as soon as possible and put an earth monster in it. Feed and tuck it in, because earth habitats put out a maximum of 1,000 coins as opposed to 100 coins for fire habitats. Ice habitats are even better, so go as hifalutin as possible with your habitats. Quests earn you tons of coins too, so knock out as many quests as possible to gain coins that way too.

Maximize the speed at which you earn coins from animals by feeding and growing the animals, as well as tucking them in to let them grow and go from children to teens to adults.

Getting more experience points can also be done multiple ways. Building new objects earns you experience points when they are completed. Generally, the more expensive the item, the more experience you earn from building it. Farming also earns you lots of experience. The experience you get for harvesting the crop is equal to double the amount of food you get from harvesting it, making this a very quick and cost effective method to do so.

Chopping down trees and removing rocks is a VERY quick way to gain levels because you can remove as many as you want at the same time. The bigger and more expensive the tree or rock, the more experience you will earn from it. Also, completing quests will earn you quick experience.

To get food, farm it and then harvest it. Maximize the amount of food you can get by building your maximum number of farms. This number will increase as you gain levels. Also, look at the quest menu to determine which quests will pay you in food, and complete those quests.


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