Tiny Village: How to get free crystals

Are you playing Tiny Village and trying to build your village into something that is not so tiny, and not so much a village – in other words, a large city? For those who have not played it yet, Tiny Village lets you control a whole little town full of cave men and women who you can build houses for and put to work, earning money, resources, experience and the opportunity to build up your city beyond where you ever thought you could take it. You can make your city into something as big and wealthy as you want to, with as awesome of a central rock as you want to. Crystals are the premium currency of the game, and they go a long way towards helping you make awesomeness happen in your city. Read on to find out how to get free crystals and how to build your city up faster, for free.

One of the ways happens very early on in the game, during the tutorial. Multiple times you will be prompted by the game to use your crystals to speed up the completion of a building. You don’t have to use your crystals to complete it, though. Simply wait out the time that it takes to complete the task, and you can finish the tutorial without using crystals. Essentially, the game just gave you free crystals.

Log in every day and get the daily login bonus for playing the game. After three straight days of logging in, the game will give you five crystals as your daily reward.

Every time you upgrade the rock that you start off with in the game, you will get a crystal reward for upgrading it. Upgrade the rock as often as possible in order to earn as many free crystals as you can.

Eventually a quest will pop up as well that allows you to earn 50 free crystals for completing it. Simply finish this quest and watch the free crystals pile up.

Lastly, every time you gain a level you will get free crystals. To speed up leveling, simply buy as many stores as you can afford to, and consistently do the short jobs for each of the stores. The short jobs earn you the most experience points relative to the time spent. Just make sure to keep checking back into the game so you can collect on the jobs and start new jobs. The more stores you have, the faster you earn experience.


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