Tinymals – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Tinymals is a new animal-raising game for the iPhone and iPad. You get to raise your very own dragon in this game, which includes playing with it, feeding it, tickling, walking and poking it as well as a whole bunch of other goodies. It’s almost like Clumsy Ninja, but with a dragon instead of a ninja. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tinymals!

Once you use an item, you normally have to wait for it to be available again. Depending on your level and the advancedness of the item, this can take two minutes or quite awhile, but there are two options for making an item available right away. One is to watch an advertisement video. Once the video is over, you will be able to use the item immediately.

The other is to set the time ahead on your phone by however long it takes everything to cool down (the longest cooldown is the one that you should set the time by). Once you set the time ahead, go back to the game and you will be able to use any of your items. You can do this trick as many times as you want and you’ll never have to wait for another cooldown time to finish.

The fastest way to earn more coins and experience points is to complete the quests; however, if the required item is on cooldown, you can do other stuff to earn coins and experience. If all of your items are on cooldown you can still put your dragon to sleep, poke it, walk it or tickle it for experience points.

Always pay attention to the three bars in the upper left corner of the screen. These are the food bar, the fun bar and the sleep bar. Once one of these bars hits the red, cut off whatever you’re doing, even in the middle of a quest, and go feed, play with the dragon or put the dragon to sleep.

Tap around the field to see what else there is. You have an egg that can be opened after level 25, and each time that you gain a level, check the store to see if anything new became available for purchase. Scroll around to all of the tabs – except for the fun boxes, of course, since those ones cost real money to purchase.