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Tomb of the Mask – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Tomb of the Mask is a new iOS and Android hit that’s a bit like a cross between Pac-Man and Indiana Jones. Atari fans will love the style of this game, as your monochromatic character darts across the temple gathering dots and coins, and trying to avoid obstacles which will get it killed. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tomb of the Mask!

Before you swipe in a direction, be sure to look at where you will end up if you choose a particular direction. Then look ahead at the hypothetical swipes you would make after that choice. Plan ahead or you will end up having to backtrack and slowing yourself way down.

You can purchase new masks and other assorted power-ups using coins. Tap the flashing glowing coin when you see it to activate “coin addict” which turns all of the nearby dots into coins. And whenever you see “Watch this video to earn 500 coins” pop up, tap it to load up. You can then either gamble them at Spin the Wheel for the chance to win even more coins, or purchase said power-ups.

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Want to make the videos reappear again? After you get the pop-up, watch the video and then back out of the menuinto the app’s home screen. Then tap the screen when you see “Tap To Play” and the video offer will reappear. Tap it again. Repeat this trick as many times as you want to for an unlimited number of coins earned.

When you move on to the second area of your run, then enemies and obstacles will start to appear. Many of them have patterns (such as the exploding smiley faces) so watch their patterns and go when they’re harmless or when they aren’t attacking. Rush too much and you will end up slamming right into the obstacles.

Pick up every one of the power ups that you see. In addition to the previously mentioned flashing coin, you can also get the time freeze power up, which stops the advancing wave below you temporarily. The shield power up allows you to take one extra hit from an obstacle before you die. And make sure to watch an ad for a free restart after you die.