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Top War: Battle Game – Get All SR and SSR Heroes, Best Heroes, and Hero Upgrade Guide

Top War: Battle Game has a huge assortment of heroes that you can choose to lead your armies. The zeros range from the entirely cartoonish, to heroes based off of famous movie characters, to heroes based off of real life generals in some of the biggest wars of all time.

These heroes are ranked R, SR, and SSR, with SSR being the best of the best. Even beyond that, each hero has their own skills and their own traits, meaning that the best heroes for you are the ones with your favorite set of traits and preferences.

Read on for a guide to the best heroes and to getting every single hero in the game in Top War: Battle Game!

Your primary method of acquiring heroes is to recruit them so that you can get hero shards. Once you collect all of the necessary shards for a particular hero, they will be unlocked. Sometimes, though, if you get lucky, you can unlock an entire hero all at once, just from recruiting.

Your main methods of recruiting are using hero vouchers, and your main methods of getting hero vouchers are by purchasing them using gems. Standard vouchers are more likely simply to earn new items. Premium vouchers and elite vouchers are likely to earn you both hero shards and heroes themselves.

Your best chance at earning a new hero in one shot is to buy 10 vouchers at the same time, which you can do if you have a lot of gems saved up. This applies to both premium vouchers and elite vouchers. Not only will you likely unlock an entire hero, but you will also earn plenty of hero shards.

Once you do you unlock a new hero, then there are plenty of ways to boost it. The primary way, of course, is to upgrade the experience level, which can be easily done using experience books.

You can promote your heroes, as well, which can be done if you get enough shards on top of already having that hero unlocked. This is one of the more premium forms of upgrades, and will increase the impact of each level that the hero gains.

In fact, a heavily promoted hero with a rarity of R or SR can often be more effective in battle than a hero rated SSR that hasn’t been promoted at all. Plus, shards for heroes with a lower rarity are easier to find, so heavily powered up common heroes are often some of the best ones to use.

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Hero bond unlocks once you hit commander level 15. Various cards are grouped up in the each hero bond, and the more of the cards that you have, the higher your bond rating. As the bond rating improves, each hero contained within that bond will gain various bonus traits.

The best way to upgrade each hero is to fill all of their skill slots, then figure out which skill you want each hero to have when you have an excess of skills. Skills consist of various traits, such as 20 additional members to the Air Force, or 10 additional members to the Navy, or higher attack power for each troop under their command.

Each hero also has a preferred partner. You send the two heroes into battle at a time, so if you have the preferred partner for one hero, pick them and their partner and send them both at the same time. This will give both of the heroes additional boosts in battle.

Who’s your best hero is depends on not only your situation, but on whether you lean more heavily to the Army, Navy, or Air Force. Each of those branches has their own preferred specialty Heroes, so pick your hero carefully, and tailor your troops accordingly.


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