Skip to Content – Secret Hidden Skins Guide: How to get all skins is a new .io game by Voodoo that follows in the footsteps of and other great games, including the massively popular that started it all. In this game, you can unlock a number of skins through completing various actions. These will change the appearance of your tornado, allowing for a huge degree of customization. Read on for all skin unlocks in!

Tornado: Nothing – you start with this skin
Firenado: Rank up to a rank of 10, which is equal to five-star silver.
Alienado: Rank up to 20, which is equal to a five-star platinum rank.

Holenado: Sign into the game for a total of seven days.
Sharknado: Earn 20,000 points in one game in classic mode.
Rainbownado: Make it to rank 2 total.

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Neonado: Kill off ten slimes in a single round of Slime Hunt.
Cybernado: On solo mode, achieve a score of 95%.
Ninjanado: Earn 30,000 points in one game in classic mode.

Stormnado: Rank all the way up to a rank of 25, which is the same as five-star diamond rank.
Ghostnado: Score 2,000,000 total points over your lifetime of playing the game.
Solarnado: Rank all the way up to a rank of 30.

Sparknado: Reach max size 5 times total. Doesn’t matter which game mode (it’s easiest to do in solo mode)
Skeletonado: Make a multikill, or kill two tornadoes at exactly the same time.
Flowernado: Rank up to a rank of 15, equivalent to a rank of five-star gold.