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Tower Dash (BoomBit) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Tower Dash is a new mobile game by BoomBit games. Think of it as an endless Spiderman simulator. Your goal is to get as high as you can by shooting a rope/web/etc to propel yourself upward, alternating left and right with each tap, but be careful that you don’t run yourself into a wall or your run will be done. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tower Dash by BoomBit!

Tap once to shoot a rope to the left and tap again to shoot a rope to the right. The quicker and shorter the tap, the less you will move to the side that you shoot from, so quick short taps will propel you almost straight upward. Make a longer tap-and-hold to pull yourself to the direction that you need to move if you need to move more to the side.

One easy way to trick yourself into doing better at this game is to tap alternating with your left thumb, right thumb, left thumb, etc. to correspond with the direction that you shoot your web in. When your mind associates a thumb with a direction, it’s a lot easier to get used to the controls.

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Each time that you beat your high score, you will earn ten free gems as a reward. Take advantage of this and run into a wall immediately after breaking your high score record so that you can not only get ten gems, but make it easy to get ten gems the next time around. The more points that you break your score by, the harder it will be to get the bonus next time.

Another easy way to get free gems is to watch a video for a bonus. Watch a video from the main menu screen and you’ll earn ten gems in an instant. You can do this for as long as videos are available for. If they run out, come back in ten or twenty minutes and they should be reloaded again.

After you lose a round, you can continue by either paying ten gems or by watching a free video. If you do, you’ll start back over again from where you left off. You get one video restart and one gem restart per round. Use them both and your run is done after the next loss no matter what.