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Townkins: Wonderland Village – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Townkins: Wonderland Village is a new farming and town-building game for the iOS and Android platforms. You can grow crops, raise and feed animals, and fill orders and complete quests to earn coins and experience points, as well as diamonds. Plus, you can add all sorts of friends, and sell goods in order to make even more money, while drawing more and more townkins to your village. Read on for some tips and tricks for Townkins: Wonderland Village!

Right from the beginning you’re given quest after quest in this game, and the quests continue to pop up throughout the game. Each time you complete a quest, a new one (or sometimes even multiple new ones) pop up. As long as you keep engaging in the quests, you’ll keep making progress on your village and adding new townkins.

Once you make it past a certain point in the tutorial, you’ll unlock the market stand. You can choose what to sell and you can set the price lower or higher, allowing you to make a profit on items that are in high demand. The higher the price, the slower an item will sell, but the more money that the item will sell for whenever it eventually sells.

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Browse other people’s market stands, too, so that you can look for a good package deal. Buy an item in bulk at a low price, and then sell it off in smaller quantities for more money per item. Also, look for items that are undervalued by the seller, so that you can buy them, and sell them for higher prices afterwards.

Add as many friends as you can in order to have people to help your crops grow faster, for you to help out, and for more. The main way to add friends is on Facebook, but you can add people via Twitter, Line, Instagram, or by directly sending them your link. Post your friend link on the comment section in this article to get people to add you as friends, or look for people in the comment section to add. Or tab over to the second tab in the friends list to add random people that the game suggests for you.

Scroll through any menu or button that has a red exclamation mark next to it. If there’s that exclamation mark icon, that means that you either have a prize to claim or a new offer to look at. You can dress up your character in many different ways, including in limited-edition uniforms that commemorate real-life events.