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Townsmen for iOS and Android: How to get more Thaler and free Prestige

Townsmen is a city building simulation for iOS and Android, a reboot of a popular franchise that plays like a medieval version of old-school SimCity games, but with even more complexity and strategy involved. Thaler is the main currency of the game. While there are a ton of resources in the game, you need Thaler in order to gather every single one of them. Prestige is the premium currency of the game, and it can be used to unlock buildings that you otherwise have no access to yet, or to instantly build any building in your inventory. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

More Prestige can IMMENSELY speed up the game itself (which is important because progress only happens while the app is open, not while it’s closed), but it can be expensive to buy. Tap the plus sign next to the Prestige counter, but instead of clicking on the small package, medium package or awesome package, click on the “Free Prestige” button. Now a whole bunch of free offers will pop up, and you can pick and choose which ones you want to complete. Any of them that you complete will earn you free Prestige.

There are a few ways to earn more Thaler if you’re having issues getting enough of it to build anything. The first and most basic way is to build more townhouses. Since you can collect Thaler every so often from each of them, it stands to reason that to get more Thaler, you should build more townhouses.

Next is to build a marketplace. If you haven’t built one yet, you no doubt have a glut of resources, so in the marketplace, you can easily trade your excess resources for more Thaler. After you build the marketplace, you can build a warehouse, which can hold more resources, therefore, more resources can be traded for loads of Thaler, especially if you have a lot of mines (especially if you come upon a gold deposit, and build a mine near it).

In addition, once you build the toolmaker’s workshop, the mine and the sawmill, you can get even more Thaler by putting a Tax Collector in your city, but you have to pay prestige for ti.

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