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Toy Army – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Toy Army is a new iOS game that has rapidly shot up the top of the App Store charts. In reality, this game is identical to World War Toy, so it’s somewhat reasonable to assume that it’s the same game under a different publishing agreement. Your goal here is to build up a strong army full of your army men and women, battle them against those on your “block” that other players have done as well as computer controlled armies, and collect coins and gold. Read on for some tips and tricks for Toy Army!

Organize your formation wisely depending on what the enemy has going. If you are facing a boss battle, then move your hero so that they match up evenly against the enemy’s hero, because typically these will be the two strongest characters on either side of the screen. If the enemy hero is right on the edge of the screen, though, then place your hero one square from the edge of the screen so you can sneak in two more troops on the side to cause some extra easy damage.

While different levels have varying degrees of difficulty (early they will be easy but later on they get tougher and tougher), you can always go back to older levels to grind for experience points and coins, as long as you have the energy to do so. The coins are important because they will allow you to go to the Camp and upgrade your troops in order to strengthen them, while experience points will cause you to gain levels, and gaining levels will unlock even more upgrades for your characters.

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After you join a legion, always check your legion icon (the “handshake” helping hand icon) for a number to appear next to it. The number indicates that members of your legion need help with something, such as reinforcement troops, or completing construction of a building or the upgrade of a troop more quickly. Help them out often; the more often that you help them out, the more often that they are more likely to help you out with the same thing. Although if they don’t help out even if you do, then it’s time to jump ship and find a new legion.

Always try to have some construction project or upgrade project going on at all times, especially when you know you are about to get offline for an extended period of time. Troop training is one of the most important facets when it comes to keeping up to date in what you’re doing (upgraded troops make it easier to win), while buildings will contribute everything else to the war effort.

Change up the mix of troops that you send into battle. In most cases, it’s best to maximize the amount of mortarmen that you send in because their explosive damage allows them to impact multiple troops at once, so if you send in as many mortarmen as possible, and they are all launching splash damage attacks at the enemy troops, the battle will finish very quickly due to the massive quantities of damage dealt. Oftentimes you will find that the battle is finished even before the air strike has a chance to load up all the way