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Toy Defense 3: Fantasy – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Toy Defense 3: Fantasy is the medieval-themed sequel to Toy Defense 2. This browser, iOS and Android tower-defense game sends you into level after level armed with attacking towers, magic spells, and other assorted goodies. M-coins and stars allow you to purchase myriad upgrades to your castle and your towers to deal with increasingly more difficult levels. Read on for some tips and tricks for Toy Defense 3: Fantasy!

Between the ground and air attackers that you face, you’ll have to spread towers around evenly in order to keep an advantage against the enemy. Use the Greek Fire against clusters of small enemies, ballistas against large attackers (especially bosses), wizards against air enemies, and archers against almost any enemy. Archers are the only one that can be the cornerstone of your offense all alone, as they are cheap and highly upgradeable. However, keep the variety going.

When the countdown bar to the next wave starts, you can tap the fast forward button to speed it along and earn bonus mana in the process. The earlier that you tap it, the bigger mana bonus you will earn. You can always slow down or pause the wave once you see where the enemies will be coming from in order to start building towers.

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You have nearly endless opportunities to win more M-coins in this game. You can watch a video after you die, or you can complete offers. Go to the IAP store menu, tap the free M-coins tab, and you can watch video ads, link the game to social networks, or install the other Toy Defense games in exchange for free M-coins.

Get past the sixth wave and you’ll unlock Castles and Magic, which allows you to purchase targeted magic spells, as well as buy passive upgrades for the castle and towers. This includes such upgrades as damage increases for all towers, shields for the castle, and mana price drops for defense towers.

Log into Facebook and you will be able to enter tournament mode. This pits you against other players in a competition to see who can make their castle last the longest. The higher that you are in the rankings, the more stars you will end up with as a bonus.