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Traffic Racing Rivals – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategies

Traffic Racing Rivals is a new endless driving game for the iOS platform. Despite having an unpolished finish and a ridiculous name whose only intent is to be result #2 when searching for other games, this one is actually very well done, quite fun and addicting. Your goal is to drive for as long as you can, collect coins, and build up your collection of cars. Read on for some tips and tricks for Traffic Racing Rivals!

Your coin earnings depend on four factors. How far you go is only part of it. There’s also how long you can stay over 60 MPH for, how many times you can swerve close to another car, and how long you can stay in the wrong way lane for. The more that you do all of these things, the more coins that you earn. Scenery doesn’t matter as the earnings will be roughly the same either way.

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After each of your races, though, you will have the option to watch a video in order to double your coin earnings. Watch this especially when you have an extremely good round and you want to capitalize on already-high earnings, and then take your coins and save them up for a new car.

You can earn free coins from rating the game, but all that you have to do is follow the prompt, and type in the answer to “What would you rate this game?” in the window itself. Once it redirects you to the app store, then turn right back around and go back to the game and you will earn your full coin bonus (1,000 of them), without having to actually submit your rating into the app store review page.

To earn coins as fast as possible, your best bet is to play the two lane road every time, and spend as much time in the opposite lane as possible, as this is what will earn you coins the quickest. The first twenty seconds of the stage are car-free, so you can stay in these lanes for as long as you want without having to go back into the main lanes.

If you cannot afford a new car, you can always buy upgrades for your current car. Go to the main menu and hit play, then next to the “free cash” button will be three upgrade options for speed, handling and braking. The better your car is to begin with, the more of an effect all of these will have. Save for a new car until it becomes non-economical to do so, then start piling on the upgrades.