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Traffic Rider – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Traffic Rider is a new motorcycle highway-hooning game from the group behind Traffic Racer. In Traffic Rider, your goal is to complete various missions, most of which involve motorcycling on the highway at ultra-fast levels of speed, trying to avoid the cars and trucks and earning both cash and gold. Read on for some tips and tricks for Traffic Rider!

Your method of controlling the bike is by tilting your phone to shift over to the left and right, and by hitting the accelerator and brake on the right and left side of the screen, respectively. The brake is typically an underutilized part of your game, but you’ll need to use the brakes when all of the lanes of traffic are blocked ahead of you and you have no way to get around them.

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When racing from checkpoint to checkpoint, time will gradually run out. Each time that you hit a checkpoint, seconds will be added to your timer. In addition, every time you do a close pass at over 100 KPH next to another vehicle, you’ll add 0.1 second to your time. It doesn’t sound like much, but these little bits of time can majorly add up.

To earn the most cash possible, spend as much time in the opposite lane as possible if you’re on a two lane highway. Rack up your combo as high as possible by passing close to cars, spend as much time over 100 KPH as possible, and finish as quickly as possible. The better that you do at all of these, the more cash that you earn during a round. And of course, finish the race.

You can upgrade the speed, handling and brakes on your bike, although generally, the best option is usually to buy a whole new bike. If you are stuck at a level but you are close to being able to afford a new bike, go back to an older level and play it again and again until you have enough cash to buy it. Or go to one of the unlockable modes, such as endless mode or time trial, for even better opportunities to earn more cash.

Gold will allow you to restart after you run out of time, or you can go to the button that looks like a wrapped gift, and you’ll be able to earn free gold. You can do so by watching free videos, liking the game on Facebook, following on Twitter or subscribing on YouTube. Each will earn you 2 free gold. If you run out of videos, then go back to the menu 5-10 minutes later or shut the game down and restart it and the videos will be reloaded.