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Traffic Rush 2 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Traffic Rush 2 is a game where you control all of the cars going into and out of the intersection. At first they will all move on their own, but then you have to intervene to keep them from crashing into each other and causing pileups, because there are no stoplights and they will not change lanes at all. Read on for some tips and tricks for Traffic Rush 2!

You can tap each car to stop it, and then swipe it to send it on its way again. Another trick that the game does not teach you is that you can just swipe a moving car to make it go faster. This eliminates the need to make two moves to make a car go on its way, allowing you to just make one quick move instead.

When you swipe cars, sometimes they will drive coins. The way that the coins get picked up is when another car drives over the same coin that had previously dropped. When that happens, you will then earn that coin, and it can go into your collection. When you have 100 coins, you can buy a new car out of the gacha.

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There are more ways to earn coins as well. On timed intervals, you will get a free gift, where you can open three doors out of a box with sixteen doors. Behind each door will be a coin prize, with some being higher than others and some being lower. You can also watch a video to earn 20 free coins.

You can tap or swipe two cars at the same time if you need to, enabling you to react far more quickly to a car driving into the path of another car. This will also help prevent causing another issue by stopping a car or by swiping a car, because that’s also something to look out for – whether you’re going to smash a car into another car by accident.

When you stop a car, all of the cars behind it will stop too. However, be careful not to accidentally swipe a car forward that’s behind another car, or it will ram into it and cause the round to be over, unless the car in front is already driving really quickly.