Transworld Endless Skater – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Transworld Endless Skater is irritating, frustrating, and you’ll find yourself falling ALL THE TIME and failing trick after trick. In other words, it’s the most realistic skateboarding game in modern times, when it comes to the difficulty. Your goal in this game is to go for as long as you can, complete numerous quests, and do all manner of tricks while causing all sorts of havoc. Read on for some tips and tricks for Transworld Endless Skater!

There are four main types of tricks that you can do in this game. Tapping on either of the boxes on the right hand side of the screen will cause you to jump and do either a flip trick or a grab trick (different trick for different direction swiped). Holding the blue box on the left will cause you to grind whatever you land on, and tilting your device to the right or to the left will cause you to spin. Combine multiple tricks like this in order to make extremely high scores.

You have two types of currency in this game. Cred is the main currency, while cash is the premium of the two currencies. Save up your cred and your bucks so that you can use them to purchase new characters, or for a cheaper price, to purchase new skill upgrades for your current character. Enough skill upgrades and even Eddie Genericson can be as good as the real life skaters.

To get free bucks, complete the missions. Each set of three missions will earn you a cash bonus for completing them, and if you run out of missions, purchase more characters, as each character has their very own missions. Also, go to the free bucks area in the in-app purchase shop to earn some free bucks via either offers, or via watching an advertisement video.

Try to complete as many tricks as you can without falling, even if you have to do less total tricks in order to make this happen. When you fall, you waste about five seconds of valuable time trying to get up, and when you fall with 4 or less seconds left, you’re done. However, whenever you complete trick combos, you’ll get some of your time back. The bigger the combo the more you’ll get back.

If the ads are getting too annoying for the game to even be playable, you can make an in app purchase and the ads will stop. The other alternative is to put your phone into airplane mode or to turn off the data and cellular, and then play the game, which will make the ads stop appearing.

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