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Trick Me: Logical Brain Teaser – All Answers and Solutions for All Levels and Questions

Level 1: Which one is red? Tap on the word red, not the color red.

Level 2: To shoot a basketball into the hoop, stop the cursor when it’s in the green part of the bar.

Level 3: To throw everything away, simply put everything in the trashcan.

Level 4: To find the different one, move the Popsicles out of the way until you find a different colored popsicle.

Level 5: Which one is the biggest drop? Combine all of the drops together to make a huge one.

Level 6: To make the baby sleep put your finger over the light for a few seconds.

Level 7: How many points do you give the game? Tap “I liked it very much“, but you don’t have to actually rate it. Just go back to the game.

Level 8: To make the baby sleep, give it the milk bottle, then put the baby in the stroller.

Level 9: To balance the scales, take everything off of the scales and they will be even.

Level 10: One girl is looking west, one girl is looking east, but they are facing each other. Move them to the opposite sides of the screen so that they are facing each other.

Level 11: To get into the house, pull the key out of his pocket and put it in the door lock.

Level 12: to stop the fight, tap the bone to split it in half and then give 1/2 to each dog.

Level 13: To help the tree shed its leaves, put the bucket on it to make all the leaves drop off.

Level 14: To catch the fish, move the waves out of the way until you see the fish, than tthe fish.

Level 15: To fill the bucket with water, turn your phone slightly to the right to let gravity take care of it.

Level 16: To help the man lose weight, shake him from left to right four or five times and then let go of him and the weight will be off.

Level 17: To feed the hay to the cow, find the shovel behind the hay and rub it over the dirt pile over and over until it disappears.

Level 18: To find ten differences, you can either look around for them, tap randomly, or use the picture below as a guide:

Level 19: To clean the page, ignore the eraser and rub the word off of the page with your finger.

Level 20: Which one is the real soda? Shake the phone and then the one that explodes out of the top is the real one.

Level 21: To find the gamer, tap the only lit up window in the skyscraper. Gamers never sleep.

Level 22: How many hairs are on the boy’s head? Take his wig off with your finger and then count the hairs.

Level 23: To charge your phone, put one finger on either side of the frayed wire at the same time.

Level 24: Five birds are on a branch. If a hunter shoots two of them, how many are left? Zero, because the other three flew away.

Level 25: To pop the balloons, scare the hedgehog by tapping it, then pop the balloons by dragging the hedgehog to all of them.

Level 26: There is a path through the maze, but the easiest way to complete it is simply to walk the animal around the outside of the maze.

Level 27: How many letters are left in alphabet if you take A and B out? The question is about the word “alphabet”, not the whole alphabet, so there would be 6.

Level 28: How many flies are there? Zoom in on each one of the poops to see all of the flies on them, so that they can be counted.

Level 29: To put the baby to sleep again, drag the word “sleep” over the baby.

Level 30: To wake up the cow, hold your finger on its nose for about five seconds.

Level 31: To save the ship from the iceberg, rub the iceberg until it disappears completely, then hit the start button.

Level 32: To cross the truck across the bridge, tilt the left side of the bridge upward to let gravity move the truck.

Level 33: Which one is edible? Put the poop on top of the diamond to make a chocolate ice cream cone.

Level 34: What would be the result if you multiply all the numbers? Zero, because zero cancels everything else out.

Level 35: Do the right move in order to win the game. Tap the middle left and right blocks at the same time to make a TicTacToe.

Level 36: How will you empty the bathtub quickly? Remove the stopper from the drain in the tub.

Level 37: To open the door, use two fingers to turn the child upside down, then shake him to drop the key out of his pocket.

Level 38: To find the real shadow of the bird, move the sun directly over the bird to make the shadow up here.

Level 39: Someone months days and some months have 30. How many months have 28? All 12 of them.

Level 40: Do not explode the bomb! Simply wait for 30 seconds and the bomb won’t go off.

Level 41: To hang the man, take the word “man” from the question and put it inside of the noose.

Level 42: To wake up the cow, drag the moon all the way off of the screen and the sun will come up and wake the cow.

Level 43: Press the orange circle ten times and the blue circle once, but ignore the counters, as they are inaccurate.

Level 44: To find the couples, match all of the outside cards. For the middle card with the two carrots, zoom out on the screen and you will find it.

Level 45: To make the equation 2000 + 50 = 6550 correct, take the 45 out of the level number and put it next to the 50 to make it 2000+4550=6550.

Level 46: To confirm the evenness of the equation 34+89=400, move the 4’s matchstick to turn 34 into 311 and make 311+89=400.

Level 47: To make all of it green, shake the phone to paint the grass, then put the chameleon on the grass to turn it green. Use the paint bucket to paint the question green, then take the clouds off of the screen.

Level 48: If 5 squirrels eat 5 walnuts in 5 minutes, how many minutes does it take 15 squirrels to eat 15 walnuts? Also 5 minutes (one squirrel takes 5 minutes to eat one walnut the whole time)

Level 49: To protect the rocket from attacks for 15 seconds, take the word “protect” out of the question and put it on the rocket to give it a shield.

Level 50: To win the game of TicTacToe again, drag the 0 from the level number to use it as one O, then tap the other O onto the board.

Level 51: To throw everything away, throw away all of the objects, plus the question and the trash can lid.

Level 52: To count all of the rings, move the “Clear” button out of the way to find the rings hidden behind it first.

Level 53: To collect all of the mice like in the picture, tap the left-facing mice and leave the right-facing ones alone. Tap the one in the question too.

Level 54: How can the kangaroo jump higher than the building? Zoom in on the trampoline to expand it, and then jump.

Level 55: To catch the person who is cheating, use the magnifying glass to find the one with the text written on their arm.

Level 56: To find the prettiest one, move the guy so he’s facing each one of them, then when he smiles at one of them, tap her.

Level 57: To make the baby sleep, rub its stomach until it farts. When its gas is gone, it will sleep.

Level 58: To clean the page again, drag the word “page” from the question down onto the word “Hello”.

Level 59: To get the number 100 twice, drag a line down the middle of 188 to divide the 8’s into two 0’s each.

Level 60: To wake up the cow again, shake the phone to shake the tree and drop an apple out of it onto the cow’s head.

Level 61: To turn the light off, put the phone face down on the table for a few seconds.

Level 62: To bring the pencil into the empty space, use two fingers to rotate the extra pencil on the right so that the eraser faces down and to the left.

Level 63: To open the door again, feed the dog with the dog food behind the box, and it will poop out the key.

Level 64: To solve the problem, one cherry is 6, one banana is 1, and one grape on the bunch is 1. So the answer is 18.

Level 65: To feed the cow again, tap the cloud over and over to make rain and dissolve the dirt.

Level 66: What are the three letters coming up in the order? The letters are the first letters of the words in the question. The next three are ITO.

Level 67: To find all of the objects, either tap around randomly or look for them, or use this picture as a guide:

Level 68: How many numbers are there? There are 10 total numbers.

Level 69: What is the right answer? Ignore the other equations, 5+8=13.

Level 70: I go to bed at 8 at night and I set my clock to 9 in the morning. How many hours did I sleep? 1 hour, the clock was early.

Level 71: To charge the phone, plug your phone into the charger or put it on a wireless charging pad.

Level 72: To get the truck across the bridge, shake the cloud until a wheel falls out of it, then put it on the truck. Then tilt the phone down and to the right.

Level 73: To turn the light off, hold your finger on the light bulb for about 8 seconds.

Level 74: To choose the 3 balls and verify the evenness, use two fingers to flip the 9 into a 6. 6+11+13=30.

Level 75: Which hammer is heaviest? Pick them up and drop them from the highest possible height.

Level 76: To catch the fish again, drag the word fish to the fishing hook.

Level 77: To shake the drink and help the child drink it, put your finger over the opening and shake your phone, then give the mixed drink to the kid.

Level 78: To help the child open the safe, turn the phone and shake it to make the key appear, then put the key into the keyhole on the safe.

Level 79: To find the numbers on the balls, take every same-digit three digit number and divide by 3. 444/3=148, so 148 is the answer.

Level 80: To find the real shadow of the bird, drag the screen to the left with two fingers to find the shadow on the right, then tap on it.

Level 81: To clean the car, wipe the dirt off with your finger and ignore all of the tools.

Level 82: To find the strongest balloons, drag all of the balloons up to the skip-stage arrow to see which one doesn’t pop.

Level 83: How many orange cubes do you need to cover the blue cube? It would take 22 of them.

Level 84: To fill the bucket with water, turn the question itself with two fingers, and use it as a ramp to direct the water into the bucket.

Level 85: To make the baby sleep again, put your phone face down on a surface.

Level 86: What is the size of the table? Type “150” into the text box.

Level 87: To feed the hay to the cow, shake the phone to make a sinkhole appear and swallow up the hay.

Level 88: Please help me to find my dog in the mess. Zoom out on the screen to make the dog appear to the left of the mess.

Level 89: To lift Thor’s hammer, use three fingers to lift the hammer.

Level 90: To find the pairs, pair up all of the outside tiles, then for the middle tile, draw a vertical line with your finger in between the two halves of the water bottle.

Level 91: To wake up the cow, tap on its head 10 times and it will wake up.

Level 92: What day of the month is it? Ignore the picture of a calendar and put the actual real life date.

Level 93: To open the door again, tap the tree several times until the key falls out of it. Then put the key in the door.

Level 94: To balance the scale, drag the question with your finger and put it on the lighter side of the scale.

Level 95: To help the truck cross, put your finger in the middle of the bridge to stop it from breaking, then tilt the phone to make the truck move.

Level 96: To catch the falling snow, put your phone screen side down on a flat surface for about 5 to 10 seconds.

Level 97: To help the man escape prison, simply tap the run button when the prison guard is off of the screen, and don’t tap it when he comes back. Do this until the bar is full.

Level 98: To park the car, drive the car up and to the right off of the screen to find a secret empty parking space, then park the car in the space.

Level 99: To catch the person that is cheating, move the bottom desk out of the way and you’ll see that one of the students has a piece of paper on their lap.

Level 100: To help the boy see, put the 00 from the level 100 on his face and they will turn into glasses.

Level 101: Which one would you save, family, love, or money? Tap all three of them at the same time with three fingers.

Level 102: The cow, the turtle, and the rabbit are racing. To help the turtle win, click the start button, move it out-of-the-way, then click the turbo button that pops up underneath.

Level 103: To win this stage and help the baby sleep, go to the options menu in the game and shut off the sound in music.

Level 104: The next number in the order is what it sounds like when you count the number of numbers in the previous line out loud. So the last line is 13112221.

Level 105: To help the truck get through the tunnel, zoom out on the truck with two fingers to make it smaller. Then tap the truck to drive it through.

Level 106: If Mary gathers two bananas in one minute, how many can she gather from this tree in 10 minutes? Zero, because it’s not a banana tree.

Level 107: To light the match, strike the match against the question over and over and over until the flame is full size.

Level 108: To list the numbers that you see on the screen in order, take a screen capture with your phone and then refer back to it as needed. tap 3, 2, 1, then tap the numbers in the question.

Level 109: To find out who is pregnant, make sure the rotation lock on your phone is turned off. Turn the phone upside down and shake it and make a pregnancy test appear, then give it to the girl on the right.

Level 110: How many squares are there? Count all of the biggest and smallest squares. There is a total of 40 squares.

Level 111: To make the man happy, grab him and out him in between the clouds to turn him into an angel.

Level 112: Sally is 21 years older than her son. Two years ago, Sally was four times her son’s age. How old is Sally now? 31.

Level 113: To park in the right spot, take the dress off of the icon in the middle spot, then park in the middle spot.

Level 114: To shoot the basketball into the hoop, stop the ball on the green line by tapping just before it.

Level 115: To turn off the lights, tap buttons until two of the lights are turned off, then drag the light that’s still on off of the screen.

Level 116: To save the gorilla, drag the key from the top right corner of the screen and unlock the lock.

Level 117: What’s the fastest route to I? Switch the B and the I around and then walk to the I.

Level 118: To burn everything, drag the magnifying glass to the sun, then drag the wood to the glass and light it on fire. Drag the box to the wood, then when it lights up, drag the rug to the box and light it up. Then burn the sun, the question, and the magnifying glass.

Level 119: Two of them are drowning, four of them are swimming, and three of them are dead. How many fish are left in the aquarium? Ten of them are – they’re in the picture.

Level 120: To charge the phone, plug in your actual phone to a charger or place it on a wireless charging pad.

Level 121: To put the fire out, zoom in and out on the cloud until rain starts falling out of it.

Level 122: To find the pirate, pull up on the pant leg of the guy in the black suit to reveal a wooden leg.

Level 123: To solve the equation a+b+c=6, drag the numbers out of the level number onto the letters to make 1+2+3=6.

Level 124: To defeat your competitor in Rock Paper Scissors, switch your character and your competitor’s character around, then hit start.

Level 125: It’s 3:35. What time would it be if the clock moved counter-clockwise 90 degrees? Turn the phone and look at the clock – it shows 12:20.

Level 126: Where is Europe? Tap on the word Europe in the question.

Level 127: To turn off the lights again, tap on all three of the lightbulbs until they break, which will force them to turn off.

Level 128: He broke the vase 10 minutes ago, so to help him fix it, rewind the clock by exactly 10 minutes on the minute hand.

Level 129: Which of the tanks would fill up first? Draw a line to A’s drain to shut it and make A fill first.

Level 130: How can the kangaroo jump higher than the building? Zoom out on the building with two fingers to shrink it.

Level 131: We need 9 bananas. Tap the 9 over and over to spin it and turn it into a 6 to match the 6 bananas on the screen.

Level 132: What should fill the blank? The diagram is a manual transmission, so it should be:


Level 133: How many 3’s are there? 5 – two on the card, two in the level number, and one in the question.

Level 134: To catch the fish, shake the clouds by grabbing and shaking them around to make it rain, then a worm will appear. Put the worm on the lure and then run the pole through the water until you get a fish.

Level 135: To help the truck pass through the tunnel, deflate the truck’s tires by dragging the “skip” arrow over the top of them.

Level 136: To make a square by moving two balls, move the top ball and right ball and make a diagonal square (diamond).

Level 137: To turn off the lights, put your phone face down on the table and the light will go off.

LeveL 138: To feed the hay to the cow, swipe right on the cow to make it walk off of the screen and then back on the other side.

Level 139: Who is pregnant? Wind the clock forward over and over again until one of the girls begins showing.

Level 140: To open the door, drag the key from the top right corner of the screen to the lock on the door.

Level 141: To leave me alone for a bit, go to the home screen on your phone and then go back to the game.

Level 142: To shoot a basketball into the hoop, grab the basketball with your finger and place it inside of the hoop.

Level 143: To catch the person who is cheating, take the green hat off of the top right kid’s head.

Level 144: To help the old lady cross the road, tap the green balls in the back of the truck, and when one falls out, put it over the red light to turn it green. Then tap the lady.

Level 145: What is the result of the calculation? 9+9-9×9+9/9 = ? Use PEMDAS. 9+9-81+1 = -62.

Level 146: To catch the fish, move all three stones to the top of the river to block it off, then catch the fish with the net.

Level 147: To shrink down the fire, shake your phone to shake the wood apart, then click the now-smaller fire.

Level 148: To find the password, start with the first line – a number and its place are correct. The number 2 is correct, the others are not, so the password is 042.

Level 149: To weigh the chicken, pick it up with your finger and shake it until five eggs fall out of it. Then put it back on the scale.

Level 150: Is it too quiet here? Turn the sound and the music back on in the game options to make it louder.

Level 151: To take the ball outside, turn the bottle upside down and put it over the cup to fill it. Then turn the cup upside down into the container that the ball is in. Do this sequence twice to make the ball float to the top.

Level 152: To score the goal, tap on either the middle and right, or middle and left arrows at the same time.

Level 153: To make the baby laugh, take off its socks and then use the feather hidden behind the baby to tickle its feet.

Level 154: To bring the child to the exit, simply jump at the right time each time you come up to an obstacle.

Level 155: The child is so lonely. Tap the child and long press him until a Copy button pops up, then tap Copy to clone him.

Level 156: To click in the following order, follow the order given in the question. On step 6, there will be no left facing finger at first, but after about 5-10 seconds, the hand will change direction.

Level 157: To silence the child, move the ‘watch video’ button out of the way to find a toy, then give it to her.

Level 158: To unlock the case, take the word “Password” off of the top of the safe and drag it into the entry box.

Level 159: To make the man happy, give him the gift box at the top of the screen.

Level 160: What does the child see? From left to right fill in: bottom square, bottom 2 squares, bottom 3 squares, bottom square.

Level 161: You should win the game again, so to do that, move the bottom middle X and then put the period from the question into its place.

Level 162: To make the girl fall in love with the boy, shake the boy until a heart falls out, then give the heart to the girl.

Level 163: To cross the truck across the bridge again, move the word “truck” out of the question onto the bridge.

Level 164: To find the water for the kids to have a water fight, shake the phone while you are holding onto both clouds with two fingers.

Level 165: To pass this level, give microphone access to the game, then hit start and say “mom” into the mic.

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Level 166: To find a frame for the objects, put all three of them into the left frame, the square.

Level 167: To do something to end the war, tap the cannons until they are facing each other, and then fire.

Level 168: To find the ball, tap the middle glass for x1, then the middle glass for x4, then for x10, rub out the 0, hit start, then follow the ball to the left glass.

Level 169: To bring the child to the exit again, tap jump to jump, then swipe left to take an easy, obstacle-free path to the exit.

Level 170: To score the goal, tap the goalie’s head multiple times to knock him out, then kick down the middle.

Level 171: To park the car, use two fingers to drag the blue car out of its spot, then drive the red car into the spot.

Level 172: To find the 10 differences, use the picture below as a guide:

Level 173: To enter the password, zoom in on the screen until the periods in “password…” turn into the actual password numbers.

Level 174: To find the gamer, drag the window off of the left, second-from-top window in the skyscraper to find the hidden gamer.

Level 175: To open the door, use the key that’s hidden near the video ad button in the top right area of the screen, but not the key in the key counter.


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