Tricks™ (iOS/Android): Top Tips, Walkthrough, Hacks, Cheats, Unlocks, and Strategy Guide

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Tricks™ is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to do tricks on a motorcycle, while racing against others, and earn money in the process. You can upgrade your bike and your cash-earning abilities, go for as many flips as possible as well as a perfect landing, and earn nearly unlimited amounts of money. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tricks™!

When racing, your hold down on the screen to go, and when you’re in the air, you hold down on the screen to backflip. When your finger is off the screen though, your bike will still wander back a bit in the air, so don’t let off the backflip when you’re flat. Time it so that when you land, you will be flat.

You can earn money from racing, but you can also earn money from watching ad videos. This is especially important to get a huge head start at the beginning of the game. You’ll earn $2,500 per video that you watch, which is far more than you’ll earn from the actual races for quite a bit of time, at least until you upgrade your trick earnings by a huge amount.

Don’t forget about your offline earnings. These might not be super important to you if you play the game a ton, but when you come back from a long time offline, especially when you are asleep, you’ll have a ton of free money waiting for you. Plus, you can watch an ad video to double the offline income, whenever you come back online with an internet connection.

You have a ton of characters and bikes that you can unlock in the game. They’re basically just cosmetic modifications, as they all perform the same; the main difference is the swap in the color palette. Some of them can be unlocked by completing specific actions, while others can be unlocked by watching a specific number of ad videos. Still more can be unlocked with daily rewards or social media follows.

How you finish in a race determines how much cash you’ll earn. If you finish in third place, you get 2x the cash. If you finish in second, you get 5x the income when you finish. If you finish in first place, you get 10x the cash that you earned. A good combination of tricks and a quick finish will earn you a massive amount of money.

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