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Tricky Challenge 2: All Answers for Every Level, Page 2

Level 26: 2+6=8. All of the other questions are wrong.
Level 27: move the button and keep moving buttons until you see the one that says “enter next challenge, then tap it.
Level 28: Tap the colors in order of the actual color on the square, not the words.

Level 29. Move the lions until you find the baby lion underneath.
Level 30: pull both animals out of the scale to make it equal.
Level 31: click the word “it” in the question.

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Level 32: keep tapping the button that says “still me” until it pops off, then tap the button underneath.
Level 33: rotate your phone to the left to make the Apple appear, then swipe through it to cut it.
Level 34: read the numbers upside down to find the right parking spot. It’s 87.

Level 35: move the hole until it’s right near the ball, then tap the ball to hit it in.
Level 36: shake the phone over and over until you get 500 coins out of the slot machine.
Level 37: subtract the top number from the left number then multiply by the right number. It’s 3.

Level 38: Drag the elephant and the word “elephant” off the screen,
Level 39: Shake the phone until the apples fall off the tree, then count them and add them.
Level 40: Press the dot, then move your finger slowly to see the color that it changes into. The color will be either red, blue or green (random)
Level 41: Xiao Ming is the tall one. Try to pull all of the basketball players up and whichever one stretches is Xiao Ming.

Level 42: X is equal to 14. Add the three totals together and divide by two since there is 2 of each vegetable/fruit.
Level 43: Put your finger over the opening and shake the phone to mix the liquid up.
Level 44: Turn your volume all the way up and your phone’s voice will no longer be “too small”
Level 45: Put the fat man into the bed and tap him over and over again to make him do some sit-ups to lose weight. Eventually the beautiful woman will go for him.

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