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Tricky Challenge: List of Answers for All Levels and Stages

Level 1: Drag the button to the side to reveal “the real” button and tap it ten times.
Level 2: Input whatever the current time is on your phone or device.
Level 3: Put all of the food plus the entire question including the period at the end into the fridge.
Level 4: The game thinks that pumpkin is not a fruit, so don’t cut the pumpkin.

Question 5: 4 = 2.
Question 6: Just choose between 1 and 5 stars.
Question 7: Press the home button in your phone (or do the home swipe if you have an iPhone X)
Question 8: You’re supposed to put 0445 for DOOR but there is no 4. In challenge 5, 4 equals 2, so put 0225.

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Question 9: Place your phone face down to cover the light for the beautiful woman
Question 10: Plug your phone into a charger for a bit. When it recharges by one point you pass.
Question 11: There are zero black dots.
Question 12: The cars are going different directions. Tap the left-driving cars.

Question 13: Tap the wife and mom’s hands at the same time with two fingers to safe both.
Question 14: Move the pencils with your finger until you reveal all of the hidden pencils, then count them plus the word “pencils”
Question 15: Swipe LEFT like the word says to unlock the screen, starting with the arrow.
Question 16: Turn the phone upside down and shake it and the bottle with the real coke will overflow.

Question 17: To make the largest number, put the 2 zeros next to each other to make Infinity.
Question 18: Tap the plate underneath the drumstick. That’s not edible.
Question 19: Put the word “feet” from the question onto the word “shoulders” by dragging it.
Question 20: Tap the period in the question, which is actually a small circle.

Question 21: One banana is worth 2. And there are one less grape in question 4. 18 is the answer.
Question 22: Flip the picture upside down to make Irvin happy.
Question 23: Swipe right from the left side of the screen to change the women toilet to the men’s toilet for Jack.
Question 24: You’ve done 24 challenges so far. It will say Q25 at the top to throw you off.
Question 25: Move the word “football” off of the screen.

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