Tricky Test 2: Genius Brain – Walkthrough: Answers 70-100

Question 70: Move the upper-left match downward and to the right just a bit.
Question 71: W is 13. It’s the sum of the three squares to the top, left, and top-left.
Question 72: Drag the word “me” into the square box.
Question 73: Cover the ace card and the word “ace” in the question with your finger.
Question 74: Use two fingers to split the six pointed star apart in order to turn it into two triangles in the sky, then tap both of them.
Question 75: To go to the first floor, turn the phone upside down and tap the arrow button.

Question 76: Swipe the elephant and the word “elephants” off of the screen.
Question 77: Smash the two eggs together with two fingers.
Question 78: Hana is the killer. Qazsedc makes an “H” on the keyboard.
Question 79: Tilt the phone to the right to reveal the owl, then tap it.
Question 80: 51,181 is the biggest possible number.

Question 81: Use your finger to cover Jack’s eyes and then steal his candy with the other finger.
Question 82: To shake the smaller pumpkin, hold down with a finger on it, and then shake the phone to shake the smaller pumpkin while your finger holds the large one.
Question 83: To put the eyeball back, put the phone up to your face, look up with the phone still screen-first against your face, and tap the eye.
Question 84: Simply hold on the screen and avoid the ghost for five seconds. You just have to be fast to pass this one.
Question 85: To help Jack turn on the lightbulb, pull the plug downward to reveal a second outlet, then plug it into that lower outlet.

Question 86: The amount of hearts on the screen is 5 (for the 10 halves) plus however many you have left for energy.
Question 87: To figure out which bat is the real bat, turn the phone upside down and shake it, and the bat that doesn’t fall will be the real one.
Question 88: To help Jack find his home, tap the menu button and press the home button.
Question 89: 319 + 248 = 567
Question 90: Drag the button to the right, then press the button and the small button ten times each.

Question 91: Top minus left times right. So y is 3.
Question 92: Slide the umbrella under the poop to turn it into a chocolate shake. Then tap it.
Question 93: Drag one toast onto the other to make a super thick toast then tap it.
Question 94: Tap and hold the dot and watch the color it changes to. Then tap the corresponding button without letting go of the dot.
Question 95: Jelly + Fish = Jellyfish

Question 96: To wake Rose up again, open the curtains and wait for about 20 seconds for the light to shine into the window. It will wake her up.
Question 97: To mix the chemicals, put your finger over the top of the test tube and shake the phone and the chemicals will mix.
Question 98: To correct the equation 2 + 6 = 11, turn the phone upside down and hit submit os 11 = 9 + 2. Don’t move any matches.
Question 99: Arrange the lights in alphabetical order for the first digit. Blue, green, purple, red, yellow.
Question 100: Write “The title of this stage” into the box and hit submit.

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