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Tricky Test: Get Smart – Answers for All Levels, Stages and Questions, Page 6

Level 108: to help the red team win, turn the phone over to turn 6 into 9.
Level 109: use two fingers to swipe the characters’ hair back until you find the one who is the guy.
Level 110: to give the flowers some sun, open the window by swiping the blinds up, then tap the mirror in the right side to break it.

Level 111: it will take 20 mice 5 minutes to eat 20 pieces of cheesecake.
Level 112: clear the numbers by hitting C, then drag the numbers from the equation to type 3+2 into the calculator and hit the equal sign.
Level 113: hold your finger down on the screen and the mosquito will fly to it. Lure the mosquito toward the frog.

Level 114: to build the snowman, roll the snowballs over the snow until they become big enough to fill the snowman slots.
Level 115: for some reason, this says “find the man in the green hat” but instead puts you against a boxer. Shake the phone to make him dizzy, then tap his face over and over to knock him out.
Level 116: to cook the steak, turn the stove on. Then put your finger onto the pan handle and flip your phone upward to flip the steak.
Level 117: all of the equation answers are all of the previous questions’ numbers plus the current equation added together. X is 40

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Level 118: to remove the feather from the table, blow really hard into the microphone or run your hand vigorously across the bottom of your phone.
Level 119: to help the aborigine escape the Islas, put him and the fire into the balloon basket and then use your two fingers to zoom in the balloon to inflate it.
Level 120: Tap on the button rapidly to help the chicken cross the finish line first.
Level 121: this time, to help the chicken win, erase the turtle’s finish line so that it can’t finish.

Level 122: this time, to help the chicken win, drag the hurdle past the finish line and then tap the button rapidly to make the chicken cross it.
Level 123: finally, to help the chicken win again, drag the “scale of fatigue” to the right to refill it whenever it gets low, and tap the button as usual.
Level 124: to “take a photo of a yellow sheep” drag the camera aperture over the words “yellow sheep” in the question and take the photo.
Level 125: open the blinds to reveal the code which looks like 2028, but because it’s in the mirror it’s upside down and backwards and is actually 5058.

Level 126: to find the smallest number, drag the period down from the question to right after the first digit spot. Then type 1.11.
Level 127: to go to the next level, close out the tab on the screen by hitting X, then “next level” will appear, so tap that.
Level 128: to find the rocket, drag the sun to the left and earth will appear. Drag earth to the left and the rocket will appear.
Level 129: 96/16 is 6, so type 6 for the equation.
Level 130: shrink the cotton candy by “zooming out” with two fingers and then eat it with small bites.
Level 131: to diffuse the bomb, just remember the code and enter it as quickly as possible. Watch out for the keys that switch numbers whenever you press a correct one.

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