Trigger Heroes: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

By | 20190109

Trigger Heroes is a new top-down roguelike shooting game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to make it from level to level, fighting against tougher and tougher enemies, and collecting both purple coins and gold coins as you go. You can unlock new characters, find all kinds of different weapons, and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Trigger Heroes!

All you have to do is approach an enemy, and you’ll shoot them. The main key to getting as far as you can in this game is to avoid getting hit, which for the most part, is easy to do; just keep your distance so that you can stay away from the enemy’s shots, and make sure to swipe when a shot gets too close to you, so that you can slide to the side and get away quickly.

In the levels themselves, you’ll earn purple coins, which can be used in shops within the levels themselves. After your run is done, you’ll earn gold coins, which can then be used to upgrade your current character or to unlock new characters. New characters have various bonuses in addition to higher stats; for example, Pine sometimes avoids bullets, and Peck finds better weapons more quickly.

You can earn free gold coins in one of two ways. One is to watch the ad videos in the offer at the top of the main menu; you can watch up to five before you run out and have to wait for the cool-down to finish. You can also claim free timed prizes, which give you gold coins. You can then double the earnings by watching an ad video if you have an internet connection.

There are all different kinds of weapons to be picked up in levels. The blaster is the one that you start with; it fires one shot at a time. The shotgun fires multiple shots in a spray pattern but has a short range and fires slowly. The semi-automatic fires a burst round and fires as quickly as the blaster, but each shot does less damage. The shotgun does the most damage at a time but you have to hit one enemy with all of the bullets at once.

The farther you go, the more coins you earn. Once your run is done, if you have an internet connection, you can watch an ad video in order to restart from where you left off. Make sure to use your purple coins in the store to refresh so that you can get all of your health back if you’re low; otherwise, you can purchase abilities and new guns.

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