Triple Town for Facebook: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

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Triple Town is so addicting that it’s hard to pull myself away from it just to write this, but I somehow managed it. Triple Town is easy to play and hard to master. Very hard, in fact, so if you’re just starting out, you might be interested in this guide to find out how everything works and what you can do to master Triple Town. Read on!

The gameplay in Triple Town revolves around one thing and one thing only: Putting three of the same item together to make a better item. It’s a puzzle version of a citybuilding game, in that your goal is to build the best and most lucrative town possible, with the best items that you can find.

So how do you get better items? Put three (or more) of one item together and it becomes a better item. Three grasses become a bush, three bushes become a tree, three trees become a hut, three huts become a house, and so on. If you put four or more of the same item together, it becomes a different version of the next item up the chain, and you earn more points for it.

You have a number of moves, and each move represents a year in the town’s history. The more points you score and the more moves you make, the more coins you earn at the end of the game, and the higher you rank against your neighbors.

The coins allow you to buy an item to place in order to try and make a match. You can also buy a crystal, which can match with any set of three or more items. If you set down a crystal without a match, it becomes a broken rock, which can’t be matched with anything.

Bears move one square per turn and block off space that you are trying to fill. Box it in to one space where it can’t move and it turns into a gravestone. Three gravestones become a church, three churches become a cathedral and so on. Cathedrals are one of the most valuable items in the game – having one is worth almost 10,000 points.

Robots can remove any item from the board that you want, but you lose that item’s points. They turn bears into gravestones, as well, and are the only thing that can remove a broken rock.

Ninja Bears are bears that can teleport to a random square every time you take a turn. You can’t box them in – the only way to beat them is to use a robot to turn them into a gravestone.

The top left square on the board is a storage square. You can store any item you want in that square, and then go back and get it later by placing another item over that square, which will swap your current item with the stored item. A good use of this is to store a ninja bear and then swap it with a robot, place the ninja bear, then beat it immediately with a robot.

That’s it! Now you’re ready to play Triple Town!

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