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Tropical Wars – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Tropical Wars is a new MMO strategy game for the iOS and Android platforms. You take control of a group of pirates, and your goal is to build ships, attack other players and complete various missions against rival pirates while powering up your own base. You can collect coins, mana, and diamonds, then put them to use to build your island into a superpower. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tropical Wars!

Whenever you begin a construction project or an upgrade, you have to manually set your worker on the project in order for it to be completed. Set more than one worker on a project in order to speed up the completion. Otherwise, you can send your workers to the mana well or the gold mine to collect mana and gold.

When you’re in the island view, tap on other ships that are sailing around randomly and they will give annoyed quotes. Tap them multiple times and you can sink the ships. You don’t get a bonus for sinking them, you just get something to do when you’re bored and don’t feel like battling.

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In battles, if you tap on one enemy ship, all of your ships will target that ship. If you want to just send one ship to target another ship, draw a line with your finger between the ship that you want to carry out the attacks and the ship that you want to attack. Generally, though, it’s best to target one ship at a time to destroy them more quickly.

Your two most important upgrades are your town hall and your shipyard, but you need to upgrade the warehouse in order to keep both of these upgraded at the pace that you want to. The warehouse holds your supplies (gold and mana) which need to be at high enough levels in order to keep the upgrades coming. Hire more workers with your diamonds in order to speed things along.

Buoys help restore ships that have been destroyed. You start off with one lifeguard that inflates buoys, and you can buy more for 400 diamonds apiece. Talk to the trader whenever he shows up and he’ll give you buoys. If you miss a day of login bonuses, watch a video in order to earn more buoys.