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Trump’s Wall – Build It Huuuge! – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, High Score, and Strategy Guide

Trump’s Wall – Build It Huuuge! is a new game for the iOS and Android platform where your goal is to build Trump’s wall around his house, because he’s sick of birds crapping on his lawn. Your goal is to build it as high as possible using strategy, since the blocks are different sizes, and if you lose balance, the wall will fall over and you’ll be fired. Read on for some tips and tricks for Trump’s Wall – Built it Huuuge!

Start off by building the wall as wide as you can, with the pieces as close together as possible. The more tightly the wall is built, the more stable it will be when you build it to taller and taller heights. Get sloppy with it and it will wobble and fall easily. The slower you build the wall, the better.

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You can even extend the width of the wall slightly. Mount a block with about 3/4 of it on the wall and 1/4 of it hanging off. Finish that portion of the wall, then with the next level of the block, make sure to put a wider block atop the end block and the one next to it, to stabilize them.

When your wall collapses, the round is over. However, you can choose to watch an advertisement video in order to keep the wall going. Once the video finishes, the last block that you dropped will be picked back up and put into your crane, and you will be able to choose a new spot to drop it in. It won’t help a YUGE amount, but you will probably be able to eke out a few more feet.

Often, ads will pop up after you die. If you play the game without any data, though (for example, on an iPad with the wifi shut off and no LTE), you won’t see any ads. Put the game into Airplane Mode and then shut it off and restart it and you won’t see any ads either.

Need to change the direction of a block? Drop a wide block so that half of it lands on a tall block and the other half has nothing underneath it. It will tilt and tip over onto its side, planting itself next to the tall block, meaning that it changes from a wide block to a tall block.