Tsuki Adventure: List of Special Codes and How To Get Them

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Tsuki Adventure is a sort of “virtual companion” game where you serve as the companion to Tsuki, a rabbit who has moved from the city back to its home in the countryside. Tsuki has a story for you to follow, and you can use carrots, the currency in the game, to provide Tsuki with various comfort items.

In this game you can harvest from the farm, collect carrots, make new friends, collect items, and even travel. Within Tsuki Adventure are various Special Codes that allow you to collect in-game rewards for free.

Read on for a list of Special Codes and instructions on how to find more of them in Tsuki Adventure!

First off, you’ll need to know how to get to the Special Codes entry page in order to be able to input them for rewards. Tap the menu button, then hit Options, then hit the icon of the little safe at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Once you tap on the safe, a pop up will appear, prompting you to enter a Special Code. If you enter a correct one, you will get a free reward, such as a significant amount of carrots.

The first place to begin when you’re looking for the Special Codes is on HyperBeard’s official Facebook and Twitter pages. They’ll tend to release new Special Codes as a promotional offer for various reasons, occasionally, such as a holiday, or the release of a new game.

Reddit is another top place to look for Special Codes. There is no centralized thread for them, but there is a Tsuki Adventure subreddit, and occasionally, people post whatever Special Codes they have gotten that work for them.

Other similar sources, such as the Fandom wiki, exist too, where people will post stashes of both expired and non-expired Special Codes. Special Codes have a specific number of global uses that they are allotted, then they expire.

Oftentimes, special codes might get sent out individually for various reasons by the developer. One reason is as a press bonus for a reviewer or a game writer. Another is as compensation for a specific technical difficulty, or a global compensation for some sort of server error.

Discord is often a good source of codes for Tsuki Adventure. You have to jump through some hopes to get into the Discord for the game and it’s not super organized, but once you get in, it’s worth it.

As follows, here is a list of Special Codes for Tsuki Adventure:

Old codes: (no longer work, but worth keeping as they might be reactivated when the relevant holiday comes around)

















Active Codes (at last update):




Permanent Codes:

countryroads (takes you back home)

wipememories (Restart the game from the beginning)

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