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Twenty48 Solitaire – Top Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Twenty48 Solitaire is a revival of the old 2048 game genre, but applied to something similar to Solitaire. Your goal is still to get the highest score possible and to try to merge like numbers in order to make it to higher levels and higher scores. Read on for some tips and tricks for Twenty48 Solitaire!

The way to win in this game is to earn a ton of points by merging cards, and if your entire board fills up, you lose. The way to keep the board from filling up is to always put either the same number together, or to put a number below the next-highest number if you are unable to match it immediately. Avoid putting numbers on top of lower-numbered cards or you create a clog on the board.

You’ll gain experience levels as you play the game, and as you gain levels, you’ll gain bonuses. At level 2, you will unlock the undo card in your current deck. At level 3, you will unlock the wild card, which will make things a LOT easier going forward, especially when it comes to clearing out stubborn high numbers. Afterwards, you won’t gain any new cards for further level gains, but you will unlock multipliers.

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Once you merge two 1024 cards, you make a 2048 card, and when you make a 2048 card, you’ll clear out the entire line of cards. If you have a clogged line and a wildcard, then use the wildcard to continuously merge cards on the clogged line until you make it to the 2048 and clear out the entire line.

Use the discard pile sparingly. Your use for this is to get rid of a card if you have no equal-or-higher cards to place it on, but once you discard two cards, you won’t be able to discard any more of them. If you have a data connection, then you will be able to watch an advertisement video in exchange for getting rid of the cards in the discard deck and being able to use it again.

Use your undos sparingly as well. This, of course, lets you undo a bad move, but you can’t get your undos back once you use the ones that you have, at least until an undo card shows up in your deck. Use an undo card and you get one undo, but undo cards rarely show up. They are FAR more rare than the wild cards.