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Twin Shooter: Invaders – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Twin Shooter: Invaders is a new retro arcade-style space shooter for Android and iOS. Your goal here is to kill the enemy ships that appear without blowing up your own two ships. You control two ships simultaneously and your goal is to get through as many waves as you can without accidentally shooting yourself or without letting any enemy ships through. Read on for some tips and tricks for Twin Shooter: Invaders!

You can watch an ad video in the IAP store once every six hours in order to get 250 free coins apiece. You can also use the time lapse cheat to kill the 6 hour timer, by setting the time six hours forward in order to make the video become available right away. After you watch the video and earn the reward, the timer will begin again.

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The best part about that is that you can do the cheat to kill the timer, but then instead of watching the video right away, you can go back to the date and time settings and set them back to normal, and then when you go to the game, the video will still be available. That means that you can do the trick as many times as you want just by setting the time back and forth by six hours.

The one player mode and the two player mode are exactly the same game. The only difference is that the game gives you different warnings to begin with (“Don’t shoot yourself” vs “Be nice to each other”), and two player mode splits up the coins that each player earns, but they all end up in the same total later.

If you like a vertical perspective better than horizontal one for your shooters, then your best way to approximate that is to set one of your ships all the way in the corner, then flip the phone 90 degrees, and make the corner-sitter your top ship, while your bottom ship is the one that you move around. This works for quite awhile, although once you start facing off against ships who shoot at you, it becomes a little bit less effective.

When you build up enough coins, you can spend them on new ships. The “weapon” ranking shows how many bullets each ship fires at the same time. The “power” upgrade shows what power-ups will appear randomly when you use the ship. Pink missile icons represent smart bombs that destroy everything on screen and severely damage bosses. Orange missiles are homing missiles. Green shields allow your ships to resist a hit or to kamikaze an enemy. The blue clock slows down everything on the screen temporarily.