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Twist (Ketchapp) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Twist is a new endless tapper game by Ketchapp for the iOS and Android platform. This is a 3D twist on the “Red Bouncing Ball” type of game, where you control a ball that is rolling from platform to platform, and you have to jump it right in time so that it makes it to the next platform, without falling off. Read on for some tips and tricks for Twist by Ketchapp!

The larger the screen is that your playing the game on, the easier that the game will be to play. If you are playing on an older iPhone, then move the phone a little bit closer to your face so that you can see the exact position of the ball a bit better. If you have multiple devices, play on your biggest device (such as a tablet) to make it really easy to see where the ball is.

You will want to jump the ball right before it falls off the end of the platform, rather than too far before. If you jump it too far before the edge, then the jump will be too early and you will fall off of the platform. However, watch out as it’s very easy to misjudge the distance and take a spill and fall off of the platform, which will end your run right away.

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You can collect gems as you go, and the farther into a level you get, the more gems you will end up collecting. Another way to get gems is to tap the “Earn free gems” button that pops up every so often (as long as you have an internet connection). When you tap it, a video will play. When the video is done playing, you will earn your reward.

Earn enough gems and you can purchase new balls and new platform colors. The advantage of both of these things is that they can make it easier to see everything that is going on within the game, but the disadvantage is that they can do the opposite and decrease contract. Luckily, you can see a preview of all of them, so you know what color they are going to be before you purchase them.

Practice makes perfect. The more that you play, the easier it will be to get a higher and higher score. However, if you begin to get excessively frustrated, then you’ll have a harder time breaking your record. If that happens, take about half an hour away from the game and then come back later. You’ll likely break your high score on the very first game when you log back in.