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Twisty Board – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Twisty Board is a new endless hoverboarding game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to jet across the landscape for as long as you can, avoiding the homing missiles that follow you around the level, collecting coins and running up the highest score that you possibly can. You can earn coins and collect a cast of new characters as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Twisty Board!

Missiles will launch out of thin air when the reload bar fills all the way up, but you will also get shot at if you ride near a missile launcher in the level. To get rid of the missiles, ride close to trees, mesas and other structures to try to get the missiles to crash into them. When you turn, you can also get the missiles to crash into each other and blow up without hitting you.

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Each coin that you collect adds to your total; if you want to find a good source of coins, look for the treasure chests floating around the level, and get the missiles to run into it to open it up. Five coins apiece will pop out of the chests. After rounds, you can watch videos from ad offers, and when the video is done, you will earn 25 coins. If your only goal is coins, die quickly so that the videos pop up faster.

Once you have 200 coins you will be able to spin for a new character. The new character will play the same way as the others do; all that changes is their appearance. Thee are loads of characters to collect in this game, and as you collect more of them, there will be a higher chance of repeat characters from the spins.

You have two hearts, and each time you get hit or run into something, you lose one heart. You can also collect hearts once they fall out of treasure chests. Once you lose them both, you can either watch an ad video in order to start the level back over, or you can pay 20 coins for the same purpose. You will get all of your hearts back, but if you die again, that’s the end of the round, with no way to revive.

Each character has a superpower, and the way to charge it is to collect coins. Once the superpower bar is full, tap the screen with two fingers to unleash it. Superpowers include launching a spray of bullets everywhere. If you shoot a missile launcher, you’ll disable it, and any missile that you hit will blow up mid-air.