Ulala: Idle Adventure: Clan and Clan Wars Guide and Tips

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Ulala: Idle Adventure has a lot going on within the game, with much to unlock as you make your way through. One of the features that comes along later in the game is Clans.

One you get to a certain level you can start your own clan, or your can join someone else’s clan. From there you can fight in Clan Wars against other people’s clans, competing for the best in prizes, Rainbow Stones, and more.

Read on for a full guide to clans and clan wars in Ulala: Idle Adventure!

Clan Wars are one of the last things that you can unlock in this game. Once you hit player level 45, that’s when you will be able to participate in Clans and engage in Clan Wars.

When you first join a clan, most likely, it will seem like not much is happening. You will join, but you will not have many options after you join. That’s because you will not be able to start Clan Wars for awhile, and Clan Wars are about the only useful part of Clans.

When you do get to participate in one, you will be able to play in one of three ways. If you are attack, you will challenge another players’ defense. If you are defense, you will be able to ward off another players’ attack.

If you make it as part of the elite team, then you will be on both attack and defense against the best teams in the game. The tiers are much higher in this mode than in the attack or defense modes, so make sure that you are up for this before you choose elite mode.

From here on out, you will get a reward based on how you perform. The performance will depend on how you do against other players. Attack will be competing against defense. Defense will be competing against attack. Elite players week be competing against each other.

Your main reward for the clan wars will be Rainbow stones. You will have no use for these until you hit level 51. After that, then you will be able to spend them in the Toy Box shop, just as soon as you unlock level 51 and above.

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