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Ulala: Idle Adventure – Full Unlock Guide: Clatter Cards, Clans, Arena, and more!

Ulala: Idle Adventure is a new idle RPG for the iOS and Android platforms, and like most mobile RPG’s, it contains a ton of things to unlock as your level increases. Some of them unlock early, while others unlock extremely late in the game, but curiousity makes us wonder what things like the Mystic Realm, Arena, Pet Skill Draws, Clans, and things like that are for.

Read on for a guide to all of the unlocks in Ulala: Idle Adventure!


These unlock at level 16 and after passing Sabada Rainforest 15. You can add one pet at a time to your team. Pets have different attributes, different elementals so that they can most effectively counter bosses, and more.

Plus, research and upgrades can be done to make your pets even stronger. They can equip both passive and active skills to improve their performance even further. Click here for a full guide to pets in Ulala: Idle Adventure.

Pet Skill Draw

Just like with the character skill draw, the pet skill draw can be used to unlock brand new skills for your pets. These skills, like the skills of your character, are used automatically in battle.


Unlocks at level 16. Cook is where you can go to take that raw food in your storage and make recipes out of it. You can end up with various tiers of food, from common to rare to epic to legendary, and more.

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Food has two uses. One is to catch pets. Your rarest food should always be used to catch pets. Another use is to enhance your team temporarily with a stat boost (such as 10% hp, attack, etc). Your most common food should be used for these team enhancements.


This is where you take your cooked food and place it to capture pets. Place it, then when the timer runs out, come back, and drop the trap to capture pets. You’ll get as few as one or as many as 10-15 pets in one shot.

The rarer the food and the higher-tier the recipe, the more pets you’ll get. Also, the rarer the food, the higher your chances of getting rare, epic, and legendary pets, which are far more powerful than common and uncommon pets.

Temper Equipment

This unlocks when you enchant and enhance an equipment slot up to level 39. Before that, the Temper button inside of the equipment slot manager won’t do anything, but after that, you’ll be able to Temper your equipment.

Tempering allows you to increase one of your stats fairly significantly, and all it costs are shells. But Tempering also requires strategy; luckily, we have a full guide on how best to Temper your equipment in Ulala: Idle Adventure.

Shopping Street (Black Market)

Unlocks at level 20. You can use your shells and your pearls/starfish to buy goodies here, such as food, equipment, weapons, or skills. This is a good place to go if you need just that little bit of an edge to get you past a really tough boss, or if you want to make a run at some super rare pets.

Your best use of this store is to purchase legendary equipment as soon as it comes available. Even when you’re far into the game, legendary equipment (gold background) doesn’t appear much, and in the Black Market, it costs a very small number of pearls/starfish.

Mystic Realm

Unlocks at level 25 and when you get to Chiwawa Gorge 40. You can go here to send your team on a series of battles all in a row, and the farther that you get in each battle, the better your rewards are.

In the Mystic Realm, you’ll earn Enchanting Books for your weapons, armor, bracers, and other equipment. Enchantment needs to be done in order to improve your equipment past level 25.

Equipment Enchantment

Also unlocks at level 25. You’ll need to enchant any piece of equipment in order to upgrade it to level 26 and above. This requires an Enchantment Book, which, of course, is earned from the Mystic Realm. This also costs thousands of shells, as opposed to just the hundreds of shells that it takes to merely level up equipment.


Unlocks at the end of the hunting season after you hit level 35. As with many other games of this type, the Arena is where you can go up against other players, your team vs their team. You win, you increase your rank, and after the given competition time is over, prizes will be given out depending on arena rank.

Clatter Cards

This is a store that unlocks at level 42. Once you have access, you’ll be able to spend Clatter Coins in order to buy your favorite cards. So if you earn Clatter Coins early on and have no earthly idea what they’re for, go here when you hit level 42 to spend ’em.

Clatter Cards give you significant stat boosts when you equip them. Not only that, but if you equip more than one Clatter Card of the same type, same region, or both, you’ll get additional Bond bonuses. Click here for a full guide to Clatter Cards.

Toy Store

This is located inside of Shopping Street and unlocks at level 51, meaning that this is the very last new feature that you can unlock in the game. Once you hit level 51, then the toy store will unlock at the end of the current hunting season. This allows you to spend all of the rainbow stones that you collect from the arena, clan wars, and more.

The toys that you purchase in the toy store can be equipped on each of your skill slots in order to enhance specific skills. Not only that, But you can also equip toys with their own equipment in order to enhance their effect.


Unlocks when you make player level 45 and make it midway through Bababo Coast. Multiple teams can join together to form a Clan. Every once in awhile, clans can participate in Clan Wars against other clans.

To get in a clan war, a clan has to have at least 48 members, which equals out to 12 full teams. Much like in the arena, you can go here and compete for rank and rainbow stones.

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