Ulala: Idle Adventure – Full Unlock Guide, Page 2: Wish, Pet Explore, Infuse, and more!

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The Wish function is located in the same area as the quests are. When you complete quests, the wish bar will gradually fill up, and add it fills, you will be able to tap the icons in the car in order to collect rewards.

The last notch on the bar will contain a Wish coin. Once you earn one of these, go to the Wish area to make a wish for a rare piece of equipment off your choice. The best way to handle this is to pick your weakest equipment slot and make the wish.

Pet explore

This unlocks in the pet area after you hit level 32. Until then, the icon has a lock next to it. You will be able to send your pets on an adventure from this area.

The first thing that you can do is to pick the rarity from the map. So this can be either rare, epic, or legendary. The more rare the quest is, the longer that it will take, but the better your rewards will be. You also need more pets unlocked in the manual to be abuse to go on the rare quests.

Infuse/inlay equipment

Hit the equipment area and hit “gem” to inlay stones into your equipment slots. These stones apply to the equipment slots, not just individual pieces of equipment.

If there is a gem available to inlay, then you will be able to put it into your pieces of equipment. If not, then you can win gems from various levels and stages.

Hero Hill (Totem Pole)

The totem pole is on the far lower left side of the camp area. There is no hint given to what it is or what the point of it is when you tap it. All that happens when you tap it is that a pop up indicates that something is about to happen.

At least until you unlock the Arena. At that point, this becomes Hero Hill. Go here and things such as Hero Generation and Hero Rewards will open. Essentially, your Hero team will be compared to all others on the server.

Every seven days, your Hero reward will be calculated depending on how your team reeks against the others on your server. The higher your percentile, the bigger your rewards will be.

Pet Skill

Pet skills don’t unlock after a specific period of time or a number of levels. Instead, they unlock after you train and research your outer to a very high level.

You’ll unlock one skill slot, then another, then another, as you gain more and more levels. You will also be able to draw more pet skills.

You can unlock both passive skill and active skill as time goes on and as you gain experience levels and upgrade your pets. The active skills will allow your pet to do different types of moves. The passive skills will enable different buffs to your pet.

Craft Gear

When your storage gets pull, you can go and smelt your gear. Once you do, you can earn tons of gear shards.

At first, you have nothing that you can do with them, but as time hits further on, you will be able to go to the craft gear menu from the equipment screen.

One you go, you will be able to craft gear in order to equip it. The more that you smelt, the more equipment that you will be able to craft.

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