Ulala: Idle Adventure – Get Free Starfish, Pearls, and Shells!

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Ulala: Idle Adventure is one of the top idle RPGs (and RPGs in general) on any mobile platform today. You can quest through a number of prehistoric continents, make teams, and upgrade your characters and equipment in all sorts of ways. Of course, all of this starts with starfish, pearls, and shells.

Starfish and pearls are two of the co-premium currencies in the game, with the same use but different methods of acquisition. Shells are the main currency of the game; more common, but also often in short supply and with plenty of uses.

Read on for tips on how to get free Starfish, Pearls, and Shells in Ulala: Idle Adventure!

Shells are the primary currency of the game, not the premium one; as such, there are plenty of ways to earn some Shells without having to spend any money. You earn shells whether you actively battle or not, since this is, after all, an AFK-type of game – mostly.

The main way to increase how many shells you earn is to progress forward to higher levels, but especially early on in the game, that won’t be possible because you won’t have enough shells for upgrades. So one option at that point is to start dipping into your food stash. Cooked food can give you a bonus to any of your stats, and you can stack as many food bonuses as you want as long as they’re not duplicated on the same stat (e.g. two attack foods won’t add onto each other)

Another option is to take some of your starfish or pearls and spend them on getting more shells. If you do this, you can then spend the shells on enhancing your equipment.

Once you unlock skills, change around your AFK skills to increase your shells per minute. If your shell per minute is shown in green, then it’s maximum for the level. If not, then switch out your AFK skills to high damage and AOE skills (area of effect = splash damage), and, of course, keep your skill slots leveled.

For awhile it will seem like your shells are building up way too high after you unlock enchanting, which can leave you stuck until you earn enchantment books, but keep building them up. Once you unlock Temper and Gems, and as you earn higher-level enchantment books, you’re going to spend a gigantic amount of shells on doing enhancements and enchantments.

Starfish are one of the premium currencies of the game. You can use Starfish to buy almost anything that you can spend Pearls on. If you want to buy something that costs Pearls, but you don’t have any Pearls, then you can usually spend Starfish in a 1:1 ratio, and if you have both Starfish and Pearls, the game will spend the Starfish first unless you literally can’t.

Earning Starfish requires you to complete the Quests, so go to the Quests menu in the main Camp. You’ll see a number of daily quests here. For the ones that you have completed, you’ll be able to collect your reward. If you have incomplete quests, then you can complete them in order to earn more Starfish.

As soon as you collect all of your Starfish rewards for the day, your quests will run out, but keep checking back to see when the cool-down time runs out. When it does, that’s when a new set of daily quests appears that can earn you more Starfish.

Pearls do almost the exact same thing as a starfish, but there are a few more things that you can buy with them. You have only two ways to get more pearls: Buy them directly using in-purchases, or purchase one of the passes.

Both methods will earn you a significant amount of pearls, but there is almost no point in buying them when you can use starfish for basically everything that you can use pearls for. Shopping Street is a great use for some extra Starfish and Pearls if you’re in need of some legendary skills, equipment, etc.

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