Ulala: Idle Adventure – Server Error Guide: How To Fix Server Obtaining Error and Server Connection Failed

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Ulala: Idle Adventure is an insanely popular idle RPG for the iOS and Android, and that popularity continues to grow throughout the days. Unfortunately, that can also mean that server errors pop up occasionally.

These errors can range from making the game unplayable to simply adding extra latency or making it so that things take an extra long time to load. There also can often be maintenance issues on servers simply due to the developers doing routine maintenance.

Read on for a guide to dealing with and (when possible) fixing connection problems and server errors in Ulala: Idle Adventure!

Some of the errors in question, especially errors that occur when trying to purchase a season pass, can be due to a weaker connection. There are a few ways to deal with this.

One is to go to the settings in the game. From there you can change the graphics settings, as well as some other settings. Set the graphics to the lowest setting possible, and turn off the music and sound effects. This reduces the load that your connection and their servers have to deal with.

If you have a weak connection, try to find a location with a stronger connection. This can include going outside if you are in a building that blocks signals, or going to a part of the building that has a stronger signal. Or if it’s bad wifi, try to get closer to the router, or even turn off the wifi and use the cellular connection instead.

If you have a metal case on your phone, take the case off and replace it with a plastic or rubber case (or another case that won’t interfere with signals) or go bare phone. Metal cases can often interfere with the signal, even if their cutouts are put in a location to allow signals through.

This mostly is an issue with cellular connections, though. If you are on a wifi connection, especially if you are playing the game on an iPad or other tablet, and your tablet has a metal case, then this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Sometimes these errors can be a glitch. If you are trying to buy a season pass, and it keeps saying Server Connection Failed, one fix is to try changing the language in the game. Then go back and try to make the purchase.

Oftentimes, this is all it takes to bypass the glitch. Then change the language back to your home language again after you’re done. This can work for pearls and other IAPs, too, not just seasons.

If it’s an issue with a specific server, you can try using a VPN that runs through a different country or a different side of your home country. Then try to reconnect with the game and it may match you to a different server.

Other times, this is just an issue with maintenance to the server or a worldwide error. If this happens, you can try to put in a trouble ticket with the developers. You can contact them through Facebook, Reddit, through their own website, and a number of other means.

If it is a server-wide or global error, then that might actually be the best case scenario. Your characters will still be running idly if this is the deal, even if you can’t sign in. In addition, the developers will often give away free gifts as compensation for the outage, so when the game comes back, check for a free gift.

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