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Ultimate Briefcase: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Ultimate Briefcase is a new endless bomb-dodging game for the iOS platform. In this game your goal is to avoid bombs for as long as you can, using special items, including, of course, the ultimate briefcase, to dodge the bombs and get around them. You can also collect coins and unlock new characters as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Ultimate Briefcase!

Most of the bombs will have nothing inside, but watch out for the ones which have coins inside, or that have energy. Energy is used to fill your special move bar, and once it gets to the top, you can use your move. Coins, of course, are used for your purchases. You can also restart a level once you die by spending 25 coins to do so.

As the score begins to rack up, watch out for the enemies other than bombs that sometimes appear in the level. They will have various different traits that will make it tougher to avoid them – they’ll move from side to side, or they’ll bounce multiple times before they go away. Or they will shoot stuff at you.

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The most important upgrades to purchase first are the item upgrades. They are not that expensive, and they have a huge effect, especially the upgrade which adds heart containers. This allows you to take more hits without dying. The other upgrades will make the various power ups (shield, pill bottle, clock, magnet and med kit) appear within the levels. But purchase the heart container first so that you can take more hits before dying.

Two other good upgrades are the special move of your character and, of course, to get a new character. The special move upgrade will generally cause the special move to last longer once you use it. The new characters will perform generally the same as the other ones, except that they will have new special moves.

After you die in a round, you will be able to watch an ad video in order to continue on, assuming you have an Internet connection. If you do not, then find one. After you die again, then you will still be able to recover by paying 25 coins. Save that last option for when you are going for a high score run. Otherwise just watch the ad.