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Uncharted: Fortune Hunter – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter is the new companion app/puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms released in conjunction with Uncharted 4. In this game you take control of Nathan Drake, and you set off on a quest for treasures while making sure that you don’t get killed by all of the various obstacles and traps that are trying to kill you. Read on for some tips and tricks for Uncharted: Fortune Hunter!

The puzzles will generally consist of hitting switches and toggles, or shooting them from a distance in order to try to find the configuration that will allow you to collect the key and the various prizes in between. Experiment with toggle patterns until you find what you need in order to move forward. Often you’ll have to change them one or more times in the middle of the round in order to keep advancing.

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In order to actually beat the level, you have to get the treasure on the X; however, if you want to get a key, you have to get the treasure within a certain amount of moves – usually 2. Shooting a gun does not count as a move. If you don’t get the key during your first play through, go back through and try it again, especially if you were collecting a mystical orb before.

Loot drops occur semi-frequently. If you have more keys than you know what to do with, then set your push notifications so that the game will notify you whenever some new loot has dropped. As long as you have at least one key, you will be able to open each new treasure chest.

Mystical orbs will allow you to buy boosts to finish a tough level quickly, such as the easy mode boost. Save your orbs for levels that you are finding literally impossible to beat over a period of multiple play-throughs. If you can’t beat a level the first time, you might be able to beat it later by looking from a new perspective, but if you can’t beat it after at least five times, then that level is a good candidate for the boosts.

New outfits and other awards in this game can be had if you own Uncharted 4, and link the two games up via a Sony Entertainment Network account. If you don’t have either one, though, you can still play all the way through the game. You can also earn Relics in this game, which can be transferred over to Uncharted 4 with a PSN account.