Undisputed Champ: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

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Undisputed Champ is a new iOS and Android game by Colin Lane AB where you are a boxer in a top-down style setting, and your goal is to use a combination of movement around the ring, jabs, and crosses to win four-round fights against your opponents. You can earn skill points and increase your power, speed, stamina, chin, and health, go for the knockout or the point victory, and become the king of the ring. Read on for some tips and tricks for Undisputed Champ!

Fighting is a combination of jabs, crosses, blocks, and movement. Alternate the jabs and crosses because crosses will do more damage, but jabs will push the other fighter off and keep them from crossing you, and they’ll also land in greater number than your crosses will. Blocks are last-ditch to keep from getting knocked out when you’re cornered, and smart movement will tire out your opponent and keep them on the run, or on the chase.

You’ll be able to tell when a punch lands because the other character’s head will fly back. Not all of the punches will actually cause much damage, though, and you’ll still be able to get punched while you’re doling out punches. So keep an eye on the stamina (yellow) and health (green) bars while you’re fighting.

The stamina bar denotes how much punching energy you have left, and the health bar denotes how many hits you have left to take. If you throw a lot of punches, especially crosses, you’ll see your stamina bar drop, but jabs won’t drop it by much. If you take a lot of punches, your health will drop slowly, but a knockdown will drop your health quickly. So avoid getting peppered with opponent punches.

So what’s the best order to throw your punches in? Generally, use your jabs to set up your crosses. Jabs allow you to back your opponent up and get forward momentum without using much (if any) stamina, so that you can aim your crosses. The more the screen shakes and sweat or blood drops to the ground, that’s how you know you got a good solid hit.

You can gain one skill point for every level that you gain. Each time that you get a skill point, you can upgrade on skill; either your power, speed, stamina, chin, or health. With the prize money that you earn, you can get another boxer. Some boxers are pricier than others, but all have about the same skill level.

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