Unicycle Hero: Top Tips, Cheats, Coins and Enhancement Guide

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Go for the gold, load up on coins, and set the highest scores possible with these tips and tricks!

Unicycle Hero is is a surprisingly addictive new iOS and Android game by Adam Corey (@unept) where your goal is to win the gold in multiple different events, all of which involve throwing or striking something from the top of your unicycle. You can do everything from shot put and javelin to playing giant pool and knocking a table as far as you can. Your goal is to set distance records, earn coins, and upgrade to increase your performance. Read on for some tips and tricks for Unicycle Hero!

To start your unicycle moving without falling backwards, first tap backwards, then wait for your guy to lean forward. Then when he’s leaned forward a little bit, hold forwards to start moving without falling over. You might need to tap forwards instead of hold it if your guy isn’t leaning enough to begin with.

Depending on the event, the perfect angle for your character will be a little bit different. Lean forward at about a 45 degree angle for the shot put. To throw the javelin, you should be leaning backward a bit. For the table crash, you should be leaning forward as far as possible without falling. Lean forward until the cue is perfectly straight and aimed right at the middle of the ball for pool.

For the wood toss, lean forward significantly. For the jai alai throw, you should be perfectly upright, and same for the hammer toss. One little trick for the javelin is that you should, right before throwing, hit the backwards button to give your character some forward momentum, then throw the javelin to get some extra yardage out of the toss.

Each upgrade is important, but they are important for different reasons. Upgrading agility will make it easier to make a good throw by decreasing your margin of error. Upgrading the throw will increase the distance of your throw (or hit). Upgrading speed will make your unicyclist move quicker, but will slightly increase your margin of error at balancing the unicycle.

The quickest way to get coins is to go to the enhance menu and watch an ad video (or as many ad videos as you can). Once you watch an ad video, back out of the menu and then go back to it to make the video button come back. Each video will earn you 50 coins. To earn coins in the match, throw the object past the first line for a few coins, and the second line for more coins.

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