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Unkilled – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

Unkilled is a new zombie shooter for the iOS and Android platforms. Billed as the best looking zomboe shooter in the history of mobile gaming, this new shooter takes you through mission after mission of slaughtering the undead, or “unkilling” them, with all manner of guns, from assault rifles to pistols, rocket launchers, and all other manner of goodies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Unkilled!

Zombies will be coming at you from all directions in this game and with each successive stage that you play, the swarms get bigger and bigger. Always be sure to scan from side to side to make sure you’re not in immediate danger, rather than just counting on your teammates to take care of the ones next to you. When you have a zombie right next to you, a red alert will pop up, so pay attention so you can turn and kill them.

Use headshots as much as possible. It can be a little bit tough when you’re flooded with zombies but a headshot will kill a zombie a whole lot faster compared to a body shot. The exception here is the chest shot, which occasionally, for some reason, gets registered by the game as a headshot.

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You have a limited amount of energy, and it takes ten minutes to restore one energy. Each mission that you play also uses one energy. The time lapse cheat doesn’t work in this one (it will instead cause all of your energy to get depleted temporarily, before the server catches up and your energy goes back to normal). You can watch an ad video to instantly get back one energy for free.

Upgrading your weapons takes a little bit of time, more time for higher upgrades. If you need the upgrade for the current stage, but you don’t yet have it available, go back to an older stage and play it again in order to earn some more money, bonuses, and possibly some more gold (the premium currency of the game) as well. Grind it out. Then when the upgrade is fastened to your weapon, go back and play the new, harder stage.

Make sparing use of your power ups, such as multirockets, only using them when you need them. Instead, watch for environmental force multipliers, such as the oil barrels. Shoot them when a group of zombies near, and they will blow up, taking the entire batch of zombies out with them. Save the multirockets for when you are facing a boss zombie with other zombie underlings around it, so that you can blast it, take a load of health away, and kill the underlings instantly.